View Full Version : Anyone using a v.92 modem and v.92 ISP?

19th Aug 2002, 03:37
I lost my cable Internet access after moving so I'm looking for dial-up ISPs. Some have digital PRI lines for faster connections but I'm focusing on ISPs that provide v.92 support.

v.92 modems have been out for awhile but the ISPs are really slow to glom onto this new spec because of the massive expensive in upgrading or replacing their equipment. However, there are a few ISPs that are now providing v.92 dial-ups. v.92 has some nice features, like MOH (modem on hold) which lets you take an incoming call but only if you also subscribe to your telephone company's Call Waiting service. Instead I use BuzMe (www.buzme.com) to let me choose to take the call, ignore it, or send them to voicemail. So MOH is no killer function of v.92 that I would need.

But what does intrigue me is v.44 for better datastream compression (mostly downstream) and PCM (for a faster upstream). I'm wondering if anyone else here has a v.92 modem *AND* a v.92 enabled ISP. If so, did you realize a speed gain by going v.92? And which v.92 modem are you using?

19th Aug 2002, 06:22
as it sounds like a good alternative if one can't get (for various reasons) DSL/Cable, etc. However, I haven't really searched since I don't have the proper modem for it...at least not yet, but it is food for thought. On the other hand, as you suggest, might be hard to find because of cost as you point out and since they can get more money by supporting DSL, etc. guess they are more inclined to get that hardware or whatever for better returns of their investment? Wish you good luck and be interesting what others have to report. Ta and Good Hunting! :)