View Full Version : The Dark Room

19th Aug 2002, 01:35
was up.. I have "heard" off a small room with a desk in the MIDDLE with nothing but weapons on it.. and the door is facing a bookcase with a secret panel behind it..

I have also seen a snapshot off it.. So, I am pretty sure the place exists..

But, I have'nt found it yet.. which is why I call it "The Dark Room" lol.. interesting name..

If you got any ideas as to where it is.. or.. if it even exist.. then let me know.. :cool: Thx.. and Have Fun!!!

19th Aug 2002, 22:30
i know exactly what you are talking about
-first of all it does not have weapons on the desk
-second, there is no secret passage way
-it is just a room with a desk and book shelves
(hate to burst your bubble though)

- it is located in the budapest hotel level(aka-traditions of the trade)
-it's behind the sign in desk in the front lobby
-you need to have the enable console cheat done(if you need this i will provide later)
-when and if you have all you need to do is jump over it using j, or you can teleport to the other side(piont to the ground on the other side and use ctrl+f9