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18th Aug 2002, 19:14
Is it possible to make water tidal. To explain: Can water be made to rise in level from a base of, say a 3 feet depth, to a depth of 5 feet. Or a similar reaction.

From a depth of 6 feet to drop to a depth of minus 1 foot and cycle back up.

The other aspect of this would be a timed sequence spread over a specific period. IE rise from base to max over a 30 min period and recede over the same back to the base.

I have a scenario I wish to experiment with that could use this effect.

If not possible so-be-it. But any comments pro or con are welcome.

18th Aug 2002, 20:33
If you want actual WATER, then no, no one has come up with a way (yet), but there is a way to make it LOOK like it's water raising/falling. There's a Demo at the Central (I think it's for D1/G, check) and it shows how to make it look like a room is flooding. The catch is, it's not water. I dunno what it is, I forget, but it's not water. So if the player (or AI, or anything the player throws) can't reach it, everything is okay.

20th Aug 2002, 15:47
I think I read somewhere about making the illusion of rising water, by actually moving the walls and floor up or down in stationary water.

To do it, the walls and floor need to be an object though...cause you can't move brushes. :(

I also seem to remember seeing screenshots of one of belboz's missions where there where two water levels in a room?? But they were just screenies, so I don't know.

I suppose you could also build several identical areas, each with a different water level in them....
Then using timers, teleport the player from area to area??

Just tossing ideas out :)

Good luck!

20th Aug 2002, 16:39
Well, I guess you could use 6 objects of the type "big crushing wall" (Training mission and THC, Thief 1) to build your room, and then move the whole lot up and down like an elevator.