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18th Aug 2002, 03:00
My son gave me this game, I can't get out of training I've tried both killing the two guys at the end of training and not when I don't throw me back in the cell and I have to start over again.

Thanks for any help

18th Aug 2002, 16:20
i have no clue what in the heck your talking about....but i am sure that this will not work, but you can try it
in order to open the first door you must change and you can change again back into insane people cloths thus the door will still be open
i am about to try the mission to see what you are talking about

18th Aug 2002, 18:32
Welcome, DonF.

You have to kill the first guard, then take his clothes and posessions. Make sure you holster any weapons before you see the second guard. Wearing guard clothes and not having weapons drawn will make the second guard think that you're a Guard and not a Wild 'n' Crazy Inmate. He'll unlock the door. Get rid of him, and you should be able to exit through the door on the other side of the last room.

Please write back if this still doesn't work.

19th Aug 2002, 02:29
IT worked and I appreciate the quick response


19th Aug 2002, 11:54
Excellent. Enjoy the rest of the game!