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18th Aug 2002, 02:59
Up and running 24 hrs for the next 2 days. Come one come all. I will be mostly monitoring as requested by Leatherman.

The Games Afoot. Join in and play. Broken Arts is broken-hearted. She is looking for a game and has no playmates.

18th Aug 2002, 03:04
ooohhh tBM. No brokenhearts for me, I shall play else where.

18th Aug 2002, 03:31
It's nearly 9:30, and I should be able to kick the kids off my computer and come play Thievery (I'm posting this on the lappie, which can't play it), so I'll catch ya there soonish.


18th Aug 2002, 04:29
OK, I got in and played about half a map, then got kicked off. I was getting pings of 9999 (i.e. no connection) for a while, then the server vanished from the list entirely. So I'm guessing the server fell over, and Leatherman won't ba back until Tuesday to stand it up again... :(


18th Aug 2002, 04:38
you just can't see it! :)

I just PM'd ya the server # Bravus.... I'm still able to get in via the Open Location, even with it not showing in the Thievery Tab, and it shows 9999 in my Faves.

I think you and Hawklette and I all got disconnected at once. I rebooted and didn't see it listed anymore.
I'm gonna go in now and see if anyone else can get in via the OPEN LOCATION.

Vesper........there is always Lord Bafford's too

18th Aug 2002, 04:47
The server is not advertised and will not show on the THIEVERY TABS. Use the OPEN LOCATION with the site link to get in.

24 hour day until monday

If you don't know the address or codes EMAIL ME at the profile address and I'll ship the info to you.

18th Aug 2002, 14:47
Well, my last game with you all, the Nostalgia map, that was fun. Reminds you of a typical breaking and entering style baffords mission. That has to be one of the easy maps.
I had a blast, :D I like being called a *sharp shooter* ;)
Methodical is my style, I shall learn, especially with you all, that sometimes doesn't work, and time constraints as well.
Just a few more seconds, and I would have nailed it, almost made it to the sewer, but, nooooooo, I got greedy and wanted all the loot. :D
Better luck next time.

One thing I did notice, last night. Playing with Thorin earlier in the evening, sometimes when I would shoot at a guard, the guard would disappear. That happened numerous times. :mad: Makes it hard to get my target.
Guards getting stuck by ladders, going in circles.
Or a delay in my shooting arrows.
One guard doing circles in the water. That had to of been the worst of game play that I noticed. Yeah, damn dial up, though it doesn't happen all the time, thank god. That too shall change in the not too distant future, no more dial-up.

18th Aug 2002, 22:21
sidetracked with other things that I got involved with...but will try to get in there today with ya for a bit...

BA, those are just some of the minor gliches that happen while playing...particuarly the guards sometimes getting stuck in a certain location. Although it is possible to get them unstuck in some instances by issuing orders but you need to put yourself where you can do this. You also don't have much time to "play" with this cause in the meatime your losing time to "catch" your Thief, LOL Yes, I believe several of us have had the disappearing Guard act...I kinda thought maybe it was associated with my Vid card...and to some degree it is. I have an ATI Radeon as an example...and I have the "Hyper Z" actuated...I think other cards also have this capability but just call it another name. What it does basically, is only rendering the textures/whatevers that are immediately needed for you to see on your screen and the rest are kindof discarded until needed again. This is very layman but it is how I can associate it. Therefore, in my view, like I'm coming up a ladder from below a floor..and there's a guard in the area nearby...OK, I spot him and duck down but when I come up to check, I don't see him for a few moments. He's there, but my card hasn't visualized him for me quite yet...therefore I get those "Guard flashes" that seem to be happening now and then to others as well. At least that's what I think is happening at times and does fit in with what my card does with this feature?

As far as LM's server...yes it is advertised tBm and will show up in the list...however each time he brings it up and starts a new session and if you do have it marked in your fav's, you have to take it out and go into the Populated Thievery to get it and then remark into your fav's...(I only do this so I can keep accurate tabs on number of players on whatever machines are up) and again you cannot join in from Fav's (another glich) but you can use "Open Location" or from the other two tabs if you wish. Additionally, you need to keep "Refreshing Servers" in order to bring his server up at times but it will show up when he's on. Since that one is Non-dedicated... you have to do this each new session (exception is right now is your leaving it up all day/night so should be showing up). The only other exception to this would be if he changed something for this time period while he's away to make it easier for you to administer perhaps tBm?Otherwise even sometimes when I first bring up the screen to "find Internet games" his server won't show up...but if I keep refreshing servers..his will finally show, maybe just he's not up yet or whatever or maybe another glich in the network code? Just trying to explain...that all in all his machine is advertised on the Thievery boards...OK? :) So when you get 9999...server down...delete out Fav's if you put it there...go into the other two tabs...right click on one of them and select "refresh all servers" till you get his machine up again...(so you know when he's up and ready) then just either use your right click to select "Play on this Server" or you can use his IP to get reconnected, etc.

Some of you are already clued into this but others may not be fully informed as to how this stuff works...I'm no expert by any means but do have a little insight into this part of it's workings on our side of the picture anyway :D Ta and Good Hunting!

18th Aug 2002, 23:14
The server has not been showing on the TABS this last few days.

I have looked a number of times, as has Vesper and others.

I am about to check shortly, but so far it has been invisible on the public Tabs.
correction. It is showing now

18th Aug 2002, 23:55
at times...but it will show eventually :D Now I need to get on my other machine and see who's there? I've been on the Compaq today and last night so now I need to put the screensaver on and turn on "Thievery" LOL Ta and Good Hunting! :)

19th Aug 2002, 05:19
Well I was punted after the last game and didn't get to say goodnight. So Goodnight guys. Will see whats hopping tomorrow in there.

I will have to reinstall or something, keep having objects and AI disappear on me. It is real odd dousing a torch and hearing a guard come to it that you can't see, and then the flares light up in mid air, Ha! :) And it is real hard sneaking up on an AI when you can't see em too.

Adios! :D

20th Aug 2002, 01:42

20th Aug 2002, 03:13
Sorry guys. It was fun to watch but I need to reload I guess.

I get a error in the same .DLL every time it resets the missions.

So I can pop in and out but not stay on for the changes.

Maybe later this week

LOL Rick, now you know about CRACK ARROWS>

20th Aug 2002, 03:14
Wow..That is some great fun. Thanks all!

<small>Even though I suck majorly</small> :p

I think I need to play some single player and at least half learn the maps a little.

We definately need some more taffers to round it out some more though. :)

20th Aug 2002, 03:22
Twas fun but a light nite in there. May be more next time! Jump in there! :D

20th Aug 2002, 04:47
I'd love to join you all, but on top of the other things I'm doing (described elsewhere) I'm the representative of our department on the Research Ethics Board, which means I get to help students put together their applications for ethics clearance for their research.

Where their supervisors (my colleagues) are on the job, this is pretty simple and not very time-consuming, but sometimes, like tonight, I'll get one that requires a heap of work from me. So it's now almost 11 and I've finished dealing with that student, but now I have another 50 submissions to the classroom conditions inquiry to read before I can sleep...

So fun as Thievery is, and much as I love you all, I'll have to just be there as a ghost in your memories for a few days. ;)


20th Aug 2002, 06:14
Originally posted by bravus

So fun as Thievery is, and much as I love you all, I'll have to just be there as a ghost in your memories for a few days. ;)


{fake html whiney voice}We miss you. Sob. Sob{/fake html whiney voice}

20th Aug 2002, 21:36
Thank you DHU for helping to keep things running over the weekend in our attempts to play Thievery :) Must learn those maps...must learn how to get weapons out faster...must not get caught so often...must learn maps! :D

Also a hearty welcome back home LM...glad you made it safe and sound and be looking for you on Wednesday :) Hope your trip was enjoyable and give us a little overview as to how it went if you please? :) Ta and Good Hunting!