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18th Aug 2002, 01:27
To all of you who really analize everything in the game. I personally pay attention, but that is it.

My Question to all of the above. I was wondering what all the symbols on the ring aroung the pillars meen? Luckally CD kept them compleatly in tact for all the games, so they weren't changed, but this has been a minor mystory for a wile for me.

18th Aug 2002, 05:33
Ewww---I thought the days of communal Nit picking were over---ewwwww.....Now there are like, special boutiques were you can get a one-on-one experience with a total stranger picking your nits for a fee.
About that ring: I've never really thought those symbols meant anything too deep-perhaps it was just the guys at SK saying:Okay, we need some arcane-ish looking symbols to fill up this space. I never really saw any language system at work, and those symbols don't appear elsewhere(But to be truthful, I always was more interested in the emotional/pschological analyzing, as opposed to the high-attention-to-detail analyzing), so I may have just missed them. None of the symbols reminded me of any religious objects-though there's one symbol on there that has always reminded me of a stick-figure happy face.
Edit: Just remembered--some of those symbols do crop up later in BO1, when you are journeying through the portion of game that has the "secret" chapel to the Unspoken, and you get to see Malek's second body(well, his skeleton, anyway), but the symbols still never really translated as anything for me...

18th Aug 2002, 09:13
(This is with thanks to warp, who courteously directed my attention to the fact that the Fire Forge symbols appear elsewhere in SR2.)

These symbols do appear elsewhere.
All the inscriptions in SR2: these long texts in/on the Forges, the symbols around that "Galadriel's mirror" in the Sarafan stronghold (also in BO1 intro; and also in the intro: wherever Mortanius and Malek are); those three symbols that show up in the Fire Forge as it's activated; the red symbols at the base of the save points... they are all composed of the symbols from around the Pillars; perhaps with one or two additional ones (although I really don't think I remember any other). In all these inscriptions, there are some symbols that appear more often, and some that appear less often; this gives a really nice illusion of a language...

There are also some associations: there is a trio of symbols that repeats in the Dark Forge, and also a trio that repeats in the Air Forge, and the Fire Forge also has a trio, of course. I haven't checked in the Light Forge, but there are some symbols that repeat around the Light Sigil in front of that large statue. Forgot to check how many.

Just for completion.

Lady Kreliana
18th Aug 2002, 23:25
I personally haven't seen any info as to what the symbols mean, but it definitely is an interesting question. Maybe it's just an ancient Nosgothic language that is possibly based on an ancient RL language.

21st Aug 2002, 21:59
I picked up The Dark Crystal on DVD this past week, and I think the ring of symbols was just supposed to look like the one around the shaft that the Crystal is suspended over. They're not identical, but the style of lettering is very similar.