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17th Aug 2002, 05:01
ok, i oringally played blood omen 1 when it first came out... i wasnt a big fanish..and only got into it a bout 2 hours of game play...

i got into SR1 and was hooked, but still couldnt get in the concpt and history/story plot which comes from BO1

i need 2 things help on....

1. im about to play blood omen 2...and skip 1 because lack bo1 (cant find it anymore) and just its gonna be time consuming...
can i have a break down on what the story of BO1 is?

the reason i ask is when i played and beat SR1 and SR2
SR1 i got most of the idea and story down, and SR2 i got much of it down, but they still make references and words that i dont understand. (like what are the hyden that kane say at the end of SR1?)

im getting confused at the oringal idea of the pillars..... can someone explian that to me from BO1 persepctive, and what exactly is kane role in BO1 and basically the whole concept of Bo1....i would really apprecatte it and it will make my understandment of the game a little bit better

so conclusion im asking

1 a summary of BO1 (story line what happen etc... mostly whats kane, the pillars, what he doing with teh pilars, im not quite understanding the significance of the pillars, and the story in general how it works its confusing me

2.what are the hyden (if they arent mention in BO1 but in BO2 - then dont tell me cuz ill find out when i play it)

it will be greatly appricated if i can understand this better

17th Aug 2002, 06:20
http://www.nosgoth.net/ has the answers you seek.

Vorador killed 6 guardians not 4 (it says 4 somewhere)

17th Aug 2002, 07:05
As for the Hylden, well, you'll find out...:p :D

The first Blood Omen is well worth playing through, in spite of its somewhat dated graphics/gameplay. If you can find a copy, I do highly recommend it. :cool:

17th Aug 2002, 17:15
If you want a copy of just about any hard to find game including BO1 just go to www.gamespot.com

More spicifically http://www.mysimon.com/cobrand/gamespot/isrch/index.jhtml?c=videogamesrevised&pgid=shop&InputTitle=Blood+Omen%3A+Legacy+of+Kain&InputPlatform=Playstation&_ttag=gamespot.gssearch&key=UC_20020817_101357_0757124189

Lady Kreliana
19th Aug 2002, 00:12
Also try ebay. I heard they have lots of used BO1 copies.

30th Aug 2002, 05:39
thanx guys/girls but i went to the site its only for PSX .... i dont want to shell out the money for a PSX just to play it....

and i still cant find the pc version

1st Sep 2002, 23:09
If you have a PS2, then you can play any type of PlayStation game, but you cannot save PSX or PS1 games on a PS2 memory card. You have to have the same kind of memory card as the type of game you're playing. So, for example, you can play a PS1 or PSX game on your PS2, and then save the game on a PS1 memory card.

But if all you have is a PC, and you do not have a PS2, then I guess you're out of luck - unless you decide to buy a PS2.