View Full Version : The Elder God... making an appearance near you!!

Reaver of Souls
17th Aug 2002, 00:45
I recently was in Victoria and i went to the museum (i know, i'm a wild one, aren't I? ;) ).

Anyways, i went to an Imax show about the international space station, voiced over by Tom Cruise, but that's not the interesting part.

Before that movie began, there was a preview for one of those "arctic-journey" type movies, and was i surprised when i heard the voice that was narrarating it!

It sounded exactly (100%) like the voice of the Elder God, and let me tell you it was weird to hear him talking about the north and ice instead of the usual back stabbing and treachery we so fondly know in the LoK world.

Well, not really anything important, but strange nonetheless. If there's an Imax theater near you then maybe you can hear this for yourself.

(I think this goes in here, but if i should move it then someone say so)

Tidus of Zanarkand
17th Aug 2002, 01:29
yeah.. apparently the guy has a lot of voice acting credits.

he does it alot in cartoons and stuff. i think before that he was a theatre actor.

17th Aug 2002, 06:46
I heard Someone who sounded Exactly like Mortanius (Maybe it was Mort's Voice Actor) Narrating a show about Ghosts.

I thought: Cool! Mortanius is talking about the undead on TV!

17th Aug 2002, 08:00
His name is Tony Jay... and yes, he has an impressive list of credits from stage (my preferred medium :D) and screen... including, if I'm not mistaken, Frollo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the animated one.

He also has a webiste, if you're really interested...