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16th Aug 2002, 21:51
So far I've been doing pretty well. But now I'm stuck. How the hell do you research so many things??? I am stuck on 9 new inventions and thats it.

Here is a list of things I've put in the anyliser: rubbish, food supply, mineral ore, hardware crate, medical thingies, luxury items crate, industrial materials, scuzzer mk1 and thats about it.....????

Could someone please tell me some other things to research to help me along the way. Thanx in advance!!!

PS: I especially would like to know how to get a sick bay and a recycler ( as people keep dying on me, help them, they are dying,........DDYYYYIIIIINNNNNGGG I TELL YA ):eek:

16th Aug 2002, 22:07
Build one of your "new inventions". Then delete it once complete to get it into a hard plan box (or buy them).

Then research that box to get the next "new invention" in that run.

Right-click the Analyser in the lab to see the tech tree and you might get what I mean.

Sickbay. Research medical crates twice. Once to learn how to build the crates (needs factory) the second to advance to Sickbay.

Recyler I think requires you to move up from the Lavotron. So chuck that on as well.

16th Aug 2002, 22:17
Looking at the Tech-Chart at the Laboratory will help (I believe you have to right click on the lab, then click on another button).

16th Aug 2002, 22:20
Yeah, the tech tree really helps out on that mission. Also, in later missions, you should reaserch stuff because you can then mkae the hardplans straight from the beginning of other missions. Having security columns, scuzzers and control all reaserched at the beginning of level 10 is a real help.

And to think they said science was dead...

17th Aug 2002, 02:12
ok you just have to use the tech chart, but i'll be more specific.

tword the beging you'll see a line, the first thing will either be a lightbulb, or a medi crate (i think it's the second to top line) if you move your mouse over the first square, it will say medi crates, if you stick one in, you'll research, now to trick, the next square should say sickbay or something, DON"T stick one of those in, stick more medi crates, that you'll devolpe the sick bay, stick in the thing in the tech tree BEFORE the item you want to research, the medi crates are right before the sick bay, so you stick them in the anlyzer, if there is nothing before the item (like blackmarket goods) then you have to put the actual item in.

so you should start by putting a chunck of litter in, that will teach you the litter bin, THEN put a litter bin, that will learn ya the lavatron, and THEN you stick that in and you'll fine the recycler.

hope it helped.

17th Aug 2002, 12:34
Wow! You people are really helpful. Nice to see in this violent and unfriendly world we live in (just kidding)

Thanx alot!!!:D

I'll be skipping to the next mission shortly. PS- Great game

17th Aug 2002, 13:06
this reminds me of how the old forum was, way back when the game was new, and people were always asking how to do stuff, now, the only people left alreadty know so much about the game, but it's nice to see a new face or two... new sig or two. ahh, the days when you could see at least 4 "help for mission 7" threds within the top 30 threds.

17th Aug 2002, 17:02
You don't have to right-click on the lab then click tech-chart, you can just right-click the analyser.