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mojo jojo
16th Aug 2002, 20:50
Pretty new to the game still and progressing through the levels and messed about in the sandbox levels, but I'm having problems figuring out a good sickbay layout. I don't see much improvement with introduction of dispensers, medi-beds and zray scanners. This all seems to be left out of any faqs I can find and I don't like looking through walkthrus in case of any spoilers.

Can anyone give a quick resume of what the sickbay is all about and how to arrange an efficient one?

16th Aug 2002, 22:02
Dispensers, Medi Beds & Scanners improve the sickbay effectiveness. They make it MORE likely to cure a patient correctly. The Dispensers/Beds/Scanners are SHARED between all Doctors, is the main machines (I must admit, I forgot the name :() that count for patient use.

Normally I have a big 8x8. Then 1 of the main machines in one corner, dispencers either side on the wall, another main machine again after each of them, then another to form a square out of them (which is 6x6). One med bed and one scanner in the gaps. Chairs & doors in the space on the walls.

A little cramped, but it does the job.

It is a seriously good idea to use Dispensers, they help a lot. The others arn't needed, but can help when that outbreak on Alien Spawn patients arrives. ;)

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16th Aug 2002, 22:39
I have a very effective one, but doesn't utilize any of the advanced equipment past dispenser.

6x6, you put the 4 diagnosis units in the middle, with the middles of each in the middle. Then you put 2 or three dispensers up against the walls, trying to make sure that the part coming off of the wall is up in the unused area in the middle of the sickbay, then you can use all of the extra wall space for doors/seats. Using 3 dispensers will maximize the use of space, leaving only 1 unused space within 36 square place.

Pretty darn smart if you ask me. And you don't NEED the better stuff, just better doctors. But an 8x6 using the extra space for a Z-ray scanner and medibed is good against skrasher infections.

mojo jojo
17th Aug 2002, 08:23
Thanks for the responses.

When I play the sandbox levels I'm yet to see the scanner be used - shame really.

17th Aug 2002, 13:09
it's only for skrashers, those little... big black bug things that kill people, if the person is infected, after the first.. thingy, the doc will take them to the scanner, and if there is a litlle animal in them, then to the medi bed, i've only see it used once or twice, and whenever a peep walks through it. my problemis, the person bursts before my greys can get the skrasher out.

17th Aug 2002, 16:58
They're diagnosis units. They diagnose. And, strangely, cure too.

17th Aug 2002, 19:35

17th Aug 2002, 20:39
Originally posted by kool_kats_rule
They're diagnosis units. They diagnose. And, strangely, cure too.

AH! I remember!!

Or, erm, you do . . . . . :rolleyes:

18th Aug 2002, 01:13
yes, i think they only cure for some small things, all the grey has to do is tell them to catch a few z's or somthing, and they work when peeps go to the medi bay when it seems like they arn't really sick, i guess it's just time for their checkup, so it could all work out.

<gets out his "how to be more evil" notebook and a pen >

hmm, just a . thats all he had for his post.... ok.. and he edited it, like he had typed somthing... hmm, very evil, this should go in the back section... ok, thats all for this entry, i'm on my way to passing my evil spam midterm next tuesday.

Pinky the Cow
18th Aug 2002, 07:48
Originally posted by mojo jojo
sickbay ... an efficient one...


DD - Dispenser

UU - Diagnosis Unit

S - Sickbay Waiting Seat
W - Wall
+ - Door]
O - empty space

When staffed and provided with medical supplies this layout accomodates all but infected peeps extremely efficiently.