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16th Aug 2002, 20:39
The October issue of PC Gamer (US) includes a demo of Hitman 2 on the CD.


On my system (Voodoo3 card, PIII 600), no skins or textures, but I do get a good sense of the game play options. The desktop color depth needs to be 16 (I'm guessing that's because of the video card), and I cannot play full screen -- well, actually, I can if I set the window size to the same size as the desk top.

The music is excellent.

Initial impressions good, even with the lack of skins and textures. I can hardly wait for the final build.

16th Aug 2002, 21:14

I'm running to my local magazine vendor immediately after work.

16th Aug 2002, 22:40
How the heck do you obtain October issue if it's only August? :confused:

Or they send subscriptions 2 months earlier or something....????

17th Aug 2002, 00:46
Both PC Gamer and CGW are two months ahead of the real world when it comes to subscription issues. I've heard a number of explanations for this, but they don't make much sense to me.

17th Aug 2002, 01:51
Ah, I see. Perhaps, you should have mentioned that before. :D

Zaphod will probably have hard time locating the mag in a news kiosk ;)

17th Aug 2002, 05:04
Nope! Mostly it's that I got so excited with "demo included in magazine" that I didn't notice that Catman said "October."

Plus, he DID write it in the present tense: "October's PC Gamer includes," not "October PC Gamer will include"...

So I place at least half the blame on Catman.

17th Aug 2002, 15:32

18th Aug 2002, 16:23
kewlio, i am going to get one as soon as.....well won' the game be out by then?

18th Aug 2002, 18:34
It might, Sammie, but it might not. I haven't seen a game yet that hit its release date exactly. Even so, this will be nice for ppeople who haven't played the first one and want to get a sense of what the game's about.

We can always use some fresh n00bs in the forums :)

18th Aug 2002, 19:16
Originally posted by Zaphod
So I place at least half the blame on Catman.

I am sure that Bunnies made him do it. :p

18th Aug 2002, 19:17
Perhaps the moral of this story is: Subscribe to gaming magazines. ;)

19th Aug 2002, 08:14
If the demo has been released, then why isn't it available on the hitman2 website? Do they really expect me to pay for the demo?

19th Aug 2002, 11:56
No, no. The demo hasn't been released yet. The October issue of PC Gamer will have the demo. I would assume that IOI/Eidos will release the demo on their site(s) around that time. My sources have been suspiciously mum lately, or I'd have more dirt to dish.

19th Aug 2002, 13:07
This is what you get for not reading the messages properly :) My mistake.

19th Aug 2002, 14:54
Catman, a question for you.
Does the demo (or it's readme) mentions anything about minimum system requirements?

19th Aug 2002, 16:52
The demo requires: CPU speed 300 Mhz, RAM 128 MB, DirectX 8.1. Not really very informative.

19th Aug 2002, 22:24
hey catman apply the enableconsole cheat to the c drive for the demo, see if it works

22nd Aug 2002, 15:33
I bought Hitman for $30 bucks yestereday, from a small store. Full version. I haven't played it yet. I have a bad feeling it was Warez. Could this be possible?

Where's ICE, by the way? I'll be home in two weeks. See you then.