View Full Version : Attention All Harry Potter Fans

Kurtis Trent
16th Aug 2002, 16:24
ok, dont read if you havent read the 4th book of the harry potter series.

A *REAL* triwizard tournament is starting early september. see triwizardtournament.com for details. They have had technical difficulties for quite some time, so it will start early september. Everybody is allowed to participate, once it begins, you will be sorted into 3 schools, in the first two tasks the schools work together. Then in the thrid and final task, its everybody for themselves. The top person with the most points from each school will win prizes. Those 3 people comopare their points, and the tourney winner is reveailed!!!! All the tasks and everything are over the computer. If you have any questions or comments about the twt, post here.

16th Aug 2002, 21:16
WooHoo!!!!!!! Can't wait - see you there Kurtis!!!!!!!!

17th Aug 2002, 00:27
Sounds fun:)

Kurtis Trent
19th Aug 2002, 13:40
I read that at last years twt (which i didnt know about) some of the prizes for the winner from each school, and the over-all winner are autographed posters, (autographed by Daniel Radcliffe, J.K. Rowling, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson), little models of the characters, books, and other things. The prizes are supposed to be much better this year. Hope to see everyone there. ;) :cool: :) :D

19th Aug 2002, 16:04
Im defintly gonna join. ;) sounds awesome.