View Full Version : Trial by Night: I'm a failure!

16th Aug 2002, 11:08
Omigawd!! This is a tough one. I've rarely felt so inept, useless and such a dismal failure as a thief.

I've found a few keys, but more doors that won't unlock. No lockpicks. Roped up to a balcony (when I could've climbed a drainpipe) but found nothing inside but another locked door.

The guy who's supposed to be waiting isn't there, but there are some cryptic signs.

Guards with especially good hearing, a lovely city with great buildings and streets, but I haven't a clue what to do next.

Has anyone played this one? If so, could you please give me some pointers?

Many thanks:confused:

16th Aug 2002, 12:18
It's a terrific mission, but it has some really hard spots, so don't feel bad about getting stuck. Most of us did! :)

It sounds like you found the spot where Drannor was supposed to meet you? You mantled up onto a ledge on the right side of a street that dead ends in two big doors with a guard in front of them. One of your lockpicks is very close to there. Go down to the far end of the ledge from the mark you found, look across the street and you'll see, way up above the ledge around the buildings over there, a bit of wood beam that you can sink a rope arrow into. Jump over to the rope, up onto the ledge and walk down to the far end. You'll have your first lockpick.

Then, go back to the area where you climbed the drainpipe. You're supposed to be able to climb it, walk on the horizontal pipe that leads out from it to the right, then jump onto the roof across the way and from there, onto the windowledges of the locksmith's building, which is the one directly opposite the building with the drainpipe. I was NEVER able to make the jump from the pipe to that rooftop, though I know some people have.

If you look up over the archway where you entered, there are two wood beams sticking out. I put a rope arrow into the very end of both of them, them from those, I could drop down onto the balcony on the locksmith's shop. This door will pick open with the one lockpick that you found above. That should get you going.

One other problem a lot of people have with this mission is finding enough loot. If you need help with that, I sent a loot list to Cheap Thief Mission downloads. You just find the line for Trial by Night and follow it across to the right. There's an "L" you can click on to get the list. :)

18th Aug 2002, 10:08
a million Nightwalker!! You are a genius. I hate being so absolutely lost as I am in this FM, but I'll get back to it now. It has taken me absolutely ages to access your reply (really slow connection tonight) but now that I have it, I'll get thieving again.

Eternal gratitude.:)