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16th Aug 2002, 03:35
I want to ask all of a question:

What do the vamps do in their free time(in sr1 nosgoth)?

I mean, what was Melchiah doing all day?

What about Zephon?

The poor Rahab was somehow trapped in that place because for a fish of that size that was a small place.

And Kain, all day watching past movies in the chronoplast??

The only one that was free from been bored was Dumah, because he was "dead".

I think that Raziel made them a favor by Killing the all.

Please people tell me something!!!

Power reaver
16th Aug 2002, 14:40
Melchiah : He was probably breaking and running from every mirror around him .

Zephon : All he could do is squash humans and take revenge for what humans have been doing to bugs in the past (I mean he would probably torture , plucking their limps out etc , and then would probably eat them)

Rahab : He was probably waiting for Raz , before that he probably swam free in the Abbey .

Dumah : He couldent be bored , he was busy being dead .

Turel : He was probably out doing something mysterious

16th Aug 2002, 15:37
Melchiah: learning to dance the cha-cha-cha

Zephon: smoking (why else would that flamethrower still burn?)

Rahab: olympic swimming

Dumah: sleep

Turel: taking a hike

16th Aug 2002, 18:37
And Kain, having finally convinced the cable guy to show up at the Chronoplast, is watching the Sopranos on HBO all day...

17th Aug 2002, 06:44
Melchiah: he was just watching porno magazines all day.

Zephon: hoping that the manicure girl could cut his nails.

Rahab: watching fleeper movies to learn how to make the triple death jump.

Dumah: playing black jack with the sluah.

Kain: always trying to wash his hair without burning head.

What about the Elder God???

17th Aug 2002, 07:28
Originally posted by Glucolisis
What about the Elder God???

Trying to sink the Nautilus, perhaps? :D