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16th Aug 2002, 01:26
at the beginning of SR2 if u walk into the time room were u first appeared thx to mobeius u would notice if u looked up that there is Nosgoths Written language on the walls. i dont know what they mean yet but i have downloaded the blood script and will translate it to see if it is anything interesting the next time i play it. i will post it here even if it isnt interesting. if any1 has already found out what it says plz post it thx.


Midnight of Sevenshades
17th Aug 2002, 21:04
Interestingly enough in BO1 they actually used the Runic/Futhark script which is Norse in origin and one of the precursors to the 'modern' english alphabet.

If you like I can send over a full Futhark alphabet with translations to see if there's anything in it or if it's just a load of old rope?

Ardeth Silvereni
18th Aug 2002, 18:32
I don't think the Blood Script in the Time-Streaming chambers means anything. I tried to translate it a while ago and I think nothing came of it.
I might be wrong though. If there is some sense to it, I would interested to find out. :)

Lady Kreliana
19th Aug 2002, 00:25
You actually tried to translate that thing? Wow.