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15th Aug 2002, 04:36

I was wondering if someone can help me out....

I'm stuck in the part of the game that...wait let me think...ok it's at the stronghold...I think that's what it's called....anyways the lake that used to be water is now frozen over....because I went to the time machine thing and it took me to this time where the lake is frozen over. Anyways I don't know what to do from here on...i'm so lost...please someone help me.

Also I wanted to know...in that same time frame I went to where the pillars are and went to the spectral plane where there are stairs leading somewhere...but I think the problem i encountered there was that there was no portal...is anything of significance suppose to happen that I can't figure out?

I hope this is making sense....Please someone help me....I would really appreciate it.


15th Aug 2002, 04:50
Look at the map and head towards the red dot.

Power reaver
15th Aug 2002, 07:17
You have to melt a part of the lake so that you can open those huge doors . You should be having the Fire Reaver by now . Summon the Reaver and us a Fire Font to turn in into the Fire Reaver . Now next to the huge door is a kind of platform with a kind of socket/keyhole on it . Run to it and press the action key to activate the cutscene that will melt a part of the lake . Now go find a Light Font to turn the Reaver into a Light Reaver and use the Force Projectile on the crystal above the huge door to open it .

THERE ! Your in the Sarafan Stronghold , its smooth sailin from here , so enjoy whats left of the game .(And Iam sure you will)

If you dont have the Fire Reaver then you have made a grave mistake and you have to go back all the way to Janoses Lair , which you had visited in the Future .(ie 100 yrs after BO , the middle part of the game)

Good Luck !

The Amazing Rando
15th Aug 2002, 07:30
shouldn't you have put the bottom spoiler first, seeing as how if that is the case, you just gave away a huge spoiler above it that can be avoided if they haven't done the thing in the bottom spoiler. :)These aren't perfect as you can still read this without highlighting it as long as you pay attention and at lest semi-try, but they are still cool. Wonder how long before I don't even notice the blue and read it as normal?

Power reaver
16th Aug 2002, 13:44
Well maybe yeah , but I dont think the 1st spoiler is a much of a spoiler , it just hit me that ladyaztlan19 might have gone to the Stronghold 1st since its not really much of a puzzle there outside the gate . (Besides I didnt think you could goto the Stronghold 1st , since I always went to Janos whenever I played the game)