View Full Version : New Spoiler Warning Feature Added!

Umah Bloodomen
14th Aug 2002, 22:08
This is by far the coolest (and best idea) I have seen implemented in this new forum. (And I thought the color changes and "Who's Online" features were cool...LOL :p).

Check this out:

Spoiler Warnings For the Eidos Forums... (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3960)

I am guessing to view the spoiler, that you must highlight the block. (At least that's what I did and I could read it). Perhaps I should find out if there is an easier way...(although I doubt it).

Lady Kreliana
14th Aug 2002, 23:53
I've used this feature at another website that's not longer running. I think it's an awesome feature that's long overdue. :) Now we won't have to put spoiler warnings in front of topics. (Cuz the only way someone's going to get something spoiled now is if they choose to have it spoiled.)

To use the spoiler option, you do have to highlight the text inside the spoiler box. I'm pretty much sure that's the only way to use the feature. :)

15th Aug 2002, 02:49
This is sweeeeeeeet.

But you can't use colors, or else it'll show up.

15th Aug 2002, 03:38
Holy jesus monkey poo... now I don't have to worry about people NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO SPOILER WARNINGS!


16th Aug 2002, 23:11
how d' do that?
how d' do that?

i think it is pretty kewl!

-drain wraith-
17th Aug 2002, 01:33
An excellent idea! This will be very useful to us. :)

Power reaver
17th Aug 2002, 10:21
Great sig Dago :)

Oh and this feature is kewlllll !

But Iam not going to use it like I just did , cause I think thats not supposed to be done . Kind of like making pointless polls , so from now on Iam using this feature seriously .;)

17th Aug 2002, 11:04
my sig isn't wotking all of a sudden...
i'll try fix it...