View Full Version : OMG! It can't be! But it is! It's... It's... It's...

14th Aug 2002, 20:54
THE 1000th POST ON THE THIEF MISSIONS BOARD!!! YAY!!! :D :cool: *celebration music starts and confetti and balloons start to fall and strobe lights turn on* Hurry for Thief!

14th Aug 2002, 22:03
Huzzzaaaa !!!

Grey Mouser
14th Aug 2002, 22:09
(Mouser starts passing out beer and party hats to all posters on the Thief Missions forum)

Celebratory noise-makers are over on the table with the pretzels. Thanks to everyone who hangs around and adds to our humble home for taffers. :)

14th Aug 2002, 23:06
May I have a pretzel please.

Grey Mouser
14th Aug 2002, 23:19

hands BA a pretzel

There you go.

14th Aug 2002, 23:38
SlyFoxx drags in a keg of "Bishops Finger" followed closely by Thorin who has 60 lbs. of ice on his back.

"Heard there was a party here." "BA...could you hand me the pretzels?"

15th Aug 2002, 01:01
amievil? quietly sneaks about, picking the pockets of the drunk and unweary some of which are muttering, "when am i gonna get my pretzel, thats what i want to know"

15th Aug 2002, 01:32
Man guys.......I am in a rut....sorry but, pretzels just ain't gonna do. I need a freakin party!!! Break out the salted peanuts and popcorn. :p :rolleyes:

15th Aug 2002, 02:40
I'm with BA. It's been WAAAY too party-free around here since the move. Break out the good stuff and have a good time! 1000 posts is definitely worth celebrating.


15th Aug 2002, 02:59
Woohoo!! Let's hear it for Thief!! 1, 2, 3 - THIEF ROCKS!! (One more time) 1, 2, 3 - THIEF ROCKS!!!! Much better. :D

Ok, rootbeer and pizza are on me, folks - Bargs, Mugs, or A&W? Turkey Pepperoni (Sorry, can't do pork...against my religion to eat it, and I'm gonna have some of this stuff to, ya' know...:D), Sausage, Chicken Garlic, or Make-Your-Own-(And-a-mess-while-you're-at-it)? Your choice entirely. :cool: ;)

15th Aug 2002, 14:21
For rootbeer I like I.B.C. Good call on the peanuts. Somebody get Nightwalker a good sherry, she doesn't like beer. I feel like grilling something. I'm headed back in the kitchen to whip up a huge batch of SlyFoxx's world famous hot-n-spicy BBQ sauce. Oh btw, I called a lighting tech. He's gonna install another chandelier for BA. I figure we'll put another one up for her at the 10,000 post mark.:D

15th Aug 2002, 16:21
*grabs a pretzel and then taps amievil? on the back* Ah-ah-ah. No taffing around like that. Only stealing pretzels and other food/drink. *sneaks into Oswald's Pasteries (sp?) and grabs the biggest darn cake there* I'm back! I got a cake! What's a party without a cake??? *reads the cake outloud* Happy Birthday?. Ummmm... *smears the "Birthday" and uses pretzels to make a "1000th"* That's better.