View Full Version : Kingdom Hearts

14th Aug 2002, 18:35

Interesting, isn't it?

15th Aug 2002, 06:03
Yes very interesting how they added disney characters to FF characters.... i wonder if the game will sell good... im not sure if ill buy it before i rent it.. but ill be sure to chek it out.

and sorry that i havent posted in a while with my Jenova account.. because it wouldnt let me.. said i didnt have permission to the page or somethin

15th Aug 2002, 09:28
Indeed, this is one I will rent first, play, and probably buy. Sounds really interesting to me!

15th Aug 2002, 19:19
The game's soundtrack is outstanding. Action RPGs are usually fun. the screenshots look good. the plot should also be good since square's involved.

basically, i think it's gonna be a good RPG

15th Aug 2002, 19:25
I dunno I'm not really a big of Disney figures... but then I guess I won't own a PS 2 anytime soon so I guess you guys can tell me about it when you played it...

15th Aug 2002, 20:18
I'm a bit reluctant, since trying to merge the best two elements of two wildly different things usually won't be very great.. I'll keep an eye out though.

17th Aug 2002, 01:13

Could be good. I'll probebly play it... if I can get a freind to borrow it to me. I'll buy it... if they release a Pc version AHAHAHAHAH!

Canyon Wolf
17th Aug 2002, 12:08
Looks interesting, and Cloud sure is badass, but I probably won't pick it up unless it gets a freakin' good review. To help understand my situation, let's count fingers. I still have Growlancer 2, 3; La Pucelle, Angel's Present, Black/Matrix 2, Suikoden 3, Wild Arms 3 and .hack waiting in my personal stock, and I don't even have a PS2 yet. Joy.