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14th Aug 2002, 14:06
I play hours and hours fighting sebastian at the industrial city. What ****ing thing i have to do (activate something, crush something, use a dark power....) to burn him in the midle electric ray?(i supose its the action i have to make). Thank you. I will spit in his balls at least. Sorry for my language but im really ANGRY with that ****ing night creature. PLEASE HELP ME

Lady Kreliana
14th Aug 2002, 15:01
Tip #1: Calm down. I know Sebastian gets frustrating and he's even more difficult when you're all worked up. Believe me, I know. ;) The biggest obstacle I faced when battling Sebastian was my own frustration.

Tip #2: Roxy posted a similar topic, so go to her topic for an answer. The link is: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3807

I hope that helps. :)

20th Aug 2002, 03:37
Keep an eye on Sebastian while you circle the room to avoid the steam.

When you seen him stop on the wall, immediately move so that the electric beam is DIRECTLY BETWEEN the both of you.

Sebastian will say "I'm coming for you Kain" and jump into the electricity.

Three times is the charm.

21st Aug 2002, 22:32
Sebastian was actually easy for me......I guess its because Im a fan from TIMES long ago, maybe I know how the makers think now...what Ideas they put in....


Im just plain GOOD

23rd Aug 2002, 06:52
want a cookie?

Lady Kreliana
23rd Aug 2002, 14:54
oooh, I do. :P

31st Aug 2002, 07:59
Guys who can give me the file-the begining of the 7-th Chapter.
please help me!.
Coz i'm now fighting with Sebastian and i'm winning him but on this level i don't know what is happaning and my computer is shuting off my game to Windows. So i can't continue the game.

31st Aug 2002, 08:05
Guys who can send me the file-The starting of 7-th Chapter.
Coz i stuck in the 6-th Chapter-i'm beating the Sebastian then my computer allways shut off the game to Windows. so i can't continue.
Please help me and send me the FLIE
thanx guys.
my mail: areg86wow@msn.com

Ms Raziel
11th Sep 2002, 20:25
(laughs)....If I had to listen to Sebastian say "Kain, I have a surprize for you" one more time, I swear I would have thrown something at my tv! It took me a looooong time before I finally defeated him, but when I did, I was jumping up and down. :D

12th Sep 2002, 01:51
Really? I found him quite easy to beat. getting him to fight me when he tries to destroy the crystal took me like 3 attempts before i figured there was a dude to control and make him fight me :)

16th Sep 2002, 01:41
Ok, let's go back a step. Stages 1 and 2 are cake for me at this point. BUT!!!! When I go to try to "jump" onto the platform in stage 3, I can't get up there!!!

Any ideas?

:confused: :mad:

16th Sep 2002, 19:46
Umm... Jumping worked for me? Stand back abit and just jump

16th Sep 2002, 20:05
Sorry, I don't mean to sound inept. Am I supposed to grab onto the side of the platform when I jump? Or do I just jump right up onto platform. I know this probably sounds stupid. But some strange reason I can't get onto the platform!

17th Sep 2002, 00:03
Yeah, you are supposed to grab onto the sides first, then Kain pulls himself up (with your help, of course :D ). So... just keep trying! You'll get up there!