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Whatz His Name
14th Aug 2002, 12:36
As Whatz His Name approached the The Crippled Burrick Inn, he noticed that there wasn't many guards or any other dangers to avoid. He was also amazed to see that the shadows were just that.... shadows.

After casing the back alley of the Crippled Burrick, Whatz His Name dropped down from the neighboring rooftop and swiftly ran to the back door. After pausing a moment to see if there were any possible threats, he slipped into the Inn.

Hugging the shadows, Whatz His Name made it to the far corner and sat down at a table. Right away, he noticed that there wasn't many people present. He noticed the cherry glow of a lit cigar in the other dark corner and a cloaked figure leaning against the bar. With the exception of the bar keep, there was no one else in the Inn. Where is everyone? This use to be the place to be. Is there a Thief convention in town that no one notified me of?

14th Aug 2002, 13:50
Very good point! I too have noticed a decline in posts especially from new members. I think the simple fact is both Thief games are, lets just say ‘getting on a bit’ now, and people are simple playing other games. With still no news about T3 there just isn’t any buzz surrounding anything Thief. I’m sure we’ll have many new members when T3 finally gets its long awaited (and overdue ;) ) preview. Until then, looking down at all the threads from the last 10 days I recognise all the names. So most of the regulars are still here?

Speaking from a personal view, I’m a summer person. So I don’t spend nearly as much time on my computer as I do in the winter (I hate the cold :( ) So maybe more people are just out enjoying the summertime while in lasts?

14th Aug 2002, 14:02
Nobody else here but a lonely taffette up on the chandelier. ;) :p

I too have noticed it has been quiet around here, comments thrown about by many.
Don't know what it is? Summer time?.........I too have wondered.
haven't posted much meself

14th Aug 2002, 15:02
Yubetcha walks into the Crippled Burrick carrying a sandwiche sign. On the front it says "New posts wanted". The back says "Free admission and chandelier watching".

Yeah, I have also been wondering where everyone went. The forum is so idle and yet it is usually soooo slow. I could usually hit "Post Reply" and then climb Mount Everest before it is ready for me to type anything. I can't believe that ppl are having fun doing other things besides this. :)

14th Aug 2002, 18:01
Tooooo damn quiet, stands up on the chandelier, and flies out the window...........:cool:

14th Aug 2002, 18:54
littlek shimmies up to the chandelier and finds it empty. "I could always find BA up here. Where is everyone?" Her voice echo's in the empty room. She climbs down, head bowed, and slowly walks out the The Crippled Burrick muttering "I showered a couple days ago."

14th Aug 2002, 19:02
Originally posted by BrokenArts
Tooooo damn quiet, stands up on the chandelier, and flies out the window...........:cool:

LMAO. You mean by accident? :p

14th Aug 2002, 19:38
¤¤¤Danventry slips into a dark shadow, the color of nightshade, and then into the door. He stands in a dark corner and looks at his surroundings, which are nothing but a few chairs and an empty bottle. A rat, a real one, nibbles on a bit of cheese left on the floor. "Whoa," he thinks, "Am I in the right place? Yes, so I guess everyone has gotten tired of the same-old-same-old. Maybe it's time for some DromEders to create a new world..." He decides to take the time to do a little ghosting on some FMs and some DromEding practice for a small while. So he slips away to Cheap Downloads to pass off the ever-lengthening days until the Crippled Burrick is up and running at it's usual popularity. Down the street he flies, fading away into the never-ending darkness of the City, like a crystal in the water, or more apropriately, like a thief into the shadows.¤¤¤

14th Aug 2002, 20:05
The cause of the decline in posts is easily explained as can be seen by looking at these charts I've brought with me.

CYF pulls out a set of charts

When the moderators removed the post count statistics from the postings, the resulting radical decline in post pumping caused the total volume of posts to plummet.

Points to one of the lines on the chart

As you can see here, within a week of this change, the number of posts in which the poster wrote nothing but "LMAO" had fallen to almost nothing. Posts containing nothing but a smiley face (or multiple smiley faces) fell almost as far, while posts contaning nothing but the word "Yes" have disappeared almost entirely. These missing posts have not been offset by a concomitant rise in substantive posts which has resulted in an overall decline in posting. However, if we look at this chart...

Flips to another chart

...we see that the effect of this decline is a massive rise in the average quality of posts. So even though posts as a whole are down, the board has never had a higher quality of message posted here!

Folds charts into a placemat & puts it on the table

So, who's for some linguine?

Grey Mouser
14th Aug 2002, 20:29
>snork< HUrhh!??whazzat?

I'M AWAKE!! Awake I say

Hmm...For myself I have been helping our QA test a couple of the 12 different games in Test right now, among other duties. My forums time has been a bit less. (runs off to start the coffee-pot)

14th Aug 2002, 20:32
:) As for myself...I'm trying...I'm trying to throw in a tid bit here and there...but not many bytes to chew on :D However, I just finished putting Karras to "Rust In Peace" again last night after having to delay his final rites for some alternate FM playing, etc.
And I too must report finding new areas this time around not seen before. I FINALLY SAW KARRAS IN HIS HIDDEN DOMAIN!!! :D Not that difficult to find if you go in the needed direction to find his elevator...just never done it before although near that area in previous runs? Oh well...was an interesting revelation and patted myself on the back for finally locating it after my several replays :D I also left a bit different this time as well...that is to say...I never went back to take out the two Robocops in front before trying my exit...that was interesting also...ha ha. Had no more water arrows and had one Sunburst left and four froggies if things would have gotten hairy though. So managed it without incident but did have to reload once cause of misjudging sight for fire arrow to watcher. 8 bots destroyed 12 disabled LOL No-one killed...blah blah blah :) Didn't find the one pickpocket though? Ha ha, tried to play around with one of those turrets after getting through gate from Bot convention center...couldn't do it. Tried like heck to use two of the bots bodies for protection...had one on the floor just past the wall in front of it...then tried carrying the other as a shield...well I guess if your fast enough you can deflect some of the shots...like a bat and ball thing...but not all I'm afraid since he could toss two in succession :( After several attempts at this game..I decided to heck with it and just ran over to that little entry to the right...what a bummer! Nothing...nothing...not even a water arrow for my efforts! Bah HumBug! I kept finding all kinds of useless stuff...flash bombs..more mixture jugs...etc. I was ticked by this time...I needed water arrows damit, LOL I know where most of them are but I think there was another place I found once upon a time but can't remember where it was now...seems to me it was a small water area on the ground floor I think and near bots maybe? Anyway...all done for awhile and now will go back to "Jailbreak" since I'm on the Compaq again where it's installed...

So see ya later Taffers...and don't worry BA...I'll keep the light on for ya! LOL Ta and Good Hunting!

15th Aug 2002, 11:06
Originally posted by ChowYunFat

...we see that the effect of this decline is a massive rise in the average quality of posts. So even though posts as a whole are down, the board has never had a higher quality of message posted here!

Oh yeah, I see what you mean. Since there were no posts with just LOL or ' :D ' or yes and a couple of quality posts, then the "massive rise" in quality went to 100 percent. :D

15th Aug 2002, 12:31
Well, I'm very busy with All Kinds of Thief Related Stuff (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3120#post37530).

17th Aug 2002, 09:47
Originally posted by yubetcha
...then the "massive rise" in quality went to 100 percent. :D

Tends to do that when I'm not around. :rolleyes: :p

17th Aug 2002, 17:52
Originally posted by Gumdrop

Tends to do that when I'm not around. :rolleyes: :p

Are you aroundtoit? :p