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14th Aug 2002, 09:22
hello there.

I have recently bought hitman: codename 47 and i am have a few problems locating where the save games are. I want to know this because i want to transfer the saves to my friends save games so he can play my file. Could you please tell me where the save game files are located in the formatt like below.

Thank you for your help and time.
Kind Regards

14th Aug 2002, 11:09
i have no earthly idea what you are talking about...but what you can do is type in Kim Bo Kastekniv in the name screen , that way you can access all the missions...

14th Aug 2002, 16:52
If memory serves, you should be able to find them by opening Windows Explorer and finding the following directory (assuming you installed it to the default directory).

C:\Program Files\Eidos Interactive\IO Interactive\Hitman - Codename:47\Saves

This might be wrong, and I'll check it for sure when I get home and edit this post if necessary.

Also, you could click on Start, then Find (or "Search" depending on which version of Windows you're using) and then type "*.sav" in the Search field (without the quotes). That should bring up every .SAV file on your machine, and I think Hitman uses the .SAV extension for saved games.

This is all from memory. If I'm wrong, someone else please correct me.