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14th Aug 2002, 01:01
I have two problems, both of which have to do with secret doors. :D

I have a secret door in my level (duh...:p), and I've textured it...BUT my texture doesn't align with my walls. :( Can I fix that? Or is there no chance, without moving my walls (which, at this point, is impossible)?
Also, my secret door is frobbable from across the room...how can I fix this? (I want it to be frobbable only when you're basically hugging it:D).

Please help!!
Thanks!! :)

14th Aug 2002, 01:20
1. You can't realign or change the scale of textures on secret doors unless you make a "custom object". You could also realign the wall textures instead.

2. Inventory>Max Pick Distace maybe? If not then you could trigger it with a switch or button.

14th Aug 2002, 01:23

on secret doors- you have two choices, pick a texture that is not easy to spot or, try and align the wall texture to the door.

to change the frob distance there is a way i would have to poke around to remember how to make it so you have to be right on top of it.....its something like max pick distance in properites....

i usually just make a switch so the door has to be opened by a switch, then remove the from info from the door. hope that helps a little....

14th Aug 2002, 01:26
salvage beat me too it haha

14th Aug 2002, 01:39
Thanks for your help!! :)

27th Aug 2011, 21:09
i can't even texture my secret doors. please help.

28th Aug 2011, 14:15
You need to use the 'Shape -> TxtRepl r0' property: