View Full Version : Will thief 2 work on windows XP?

13th Aug 2002, 18:17
I have just upgraded to Win XP and would like to know if Thief 2 works on windows XP. Are there any patches that I need or settings that I need to change.

Munin the Raven
13th Aug 2002, 23:33
Installing Thief 2 on Windows XP by simply using the autorun feature or installation command through Windows Explorer or the Run bar usally doesn't work.

If normal installation doesn't work, first try this: with the installation CD in the drive type "X:\setup.exe -lgntforce" (without the quotes, and that's a lowercase "L" in "-lngtforce") where "X" is the letter of your CD drive (usually D or E).

If that command doesn't work post back; there are a couple of other tricks to force Windows XP to install the program correctly.

Grey Mouser
13th Aug 2002, 23:43
You may experience problems occaisionally with the between-mission cutscense noit playing correctly, usually after a Win XP restart or if you have Realplayer installed.

Check over here (http://www.eidosinteractive.com/support/faqinfo.html?fqid=305&gmid=56) if you get any movie problems.

Thief TDP, Thief gold and Thief 2 all play nicely on my XP test machine with GeForce 3/SB Live.

Thief 3 - the subject of your inquiry? - is not out yet, won't be for some time. XP will likely be a supported OS for it, and it should do fine.

14th Aug 2002, 01:04
Thanx guys, don't know what happened to the thread title. I made a mistake, but corrected it yet it still hasn't changed..quite strange. Thanx for your help guys, i'll let you know how i get on

15th Aug 2002, 04:29
I edited the title. :) Only moderators can edit the main title after it is created. You edited the subtitle, the title of the post within the thread. On initial entry, what now looks like a subtitle is in fact the main title.