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13th Aug 2002, 03:41
Okay, I've done the intro tutorial already and I know how things (some things, I'm not all that good yet because of my problem; read on) work. I just can't start off though. I have a problem starting an idea. Like, I have an idea, but I can't make it come out the way I want it too, nor can I think it out well enough to put it into DromEd. I have a plot set out, but zip actually 3D world thoughts. I can think up decent things, but sometimes they don't just come out right (any sometimes I know DromEd won't allow it, like a temple with many pillars, which would murder polys). Does anyone have any "building practice" ideas to start me off designing a world? :confused: I would like to start off with something extremely simple to make me get used to actually doing more than boxes, but not quite like designing a DromEd Taj Mahal. ;)

13th Aug 2002, 04:26
The tut that comes with Dromed really only gets your toes wet.

I haven't looked at it much yet(even though I've had it for quite a while) but I think what you want is Komag's tut, at the bottom of this page (http://www.keepofmetalandgold.com/essen.htm). It walks you through making a mission from start to finish and setting up for distribution.

Which Dromed are you working with? Dromed1(Thief/Gold) or Dromed2(Thief 2)? Komag's tut is for Thief 2, although there is a version for Thief/Gold, I can't see it on his site.

13th Aug 2002, 05:35
A good way of "getting your toes wet" with DromEd, once you've read through all the tutorials, is to build a 64-cube mission.

A 64-cube mission is one where you build everything so that it will fit inside of a 64x64x64 area brush. There's been three contests based around missions like this. The first was the original 64-cube contest. The most recent contest (which ended today) had a limit of 64,000 sq.ft. All of the contests were hosted by KoMaG.

(Actually, the rule is that the playing area can't be larger than 64x64x64, including things the player can see but not necessarily get to. You're free to make blue-rooms outside of the playing area, so long as they can't actually be reached or seen in-game.)

13th Aug 2002, 09:38
A problem that I always had in the past was that I first made some nice looking rooms with all the details, and then the next room - moving fully detailed rooms around is a major pain.

Go for a top-down process, with Grid size 16 in the start, then make the details with several "wipe-ups" of the entire thing... that won't cause these nasty surprises in the way of:

<i>"I want to make a little hole into this wall for my torch, but the wall is only 0.5 units thick! I don't want to move the entire room (with apples and pancakes and plates already placed) a bit to the left now!!!" *curses dromed, abandons the project*</i>

At dromed central, there is a tutorial of VK Gaylesaver. "Building Principles" or similar. Read it. Follow his advice; modify it where you feel that it's necessary (you're not a slave or a robot, so no need to follow the advice strictly.)

You will be happier then, and more likely to finish your project. :)

And yeah... start small. Start with a little house in about the size of "A noble Death" (gilder.zip, made by Ishy) or "The Night I ghosted Berkshead" (berkshead.zip, made by Gumdrop) or similar - avoid big city missions for the start, stick to the small at first; make several test missions in which you experiment with architecture ("how to make the rooms look fancier"); make even more test missions to play with effects and AI, if you like.

14th Aug 2002, 03:40
The "Building Principles" was exactly what I needed (well, the tour) but I can't get the tour to work! I get an error about objects or something! I can get the jist of what he's talking about in the written tour, but it would be much more helpful if I could see it in DromEd/Game-mode. Does anyone know why it won't work? Was it made for D1, because I have D2? I really would like to see this... :(

15th Aug 2002, 01:01
I ought to modify it for Thief 2 as soon as I acquire Tim Stellmach's permission for it.