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12th Aug 2002, 22:27
I just got back into Startopia and the forums changed. Great upgrade but in the transfer / moving none of the threads from the old forum I remember came with. I'm wondering if the forums are still online, just merely not linked to anymore. If this is true, could someone give me the URL? I dont feel like asking 'newbie questions' if I can search for em.

Edited to make more sense. Wrote fast :)

12th Aug 2002, 23:36
Welcome to secter....err we havent decided....No they have been officially shut down, so ask away, well be glad to answer :)

12th Aug 2002, 23:55
Heh, ok.

Turdite - Recycled? I never knew what to do with it. I noticed one time when I recycled it I seemed to have gotten more energy, but I aint too sure.

Any help in regards to Mission 8 (get 12 monks and 12 penitants before they can) is appreciated. I searched and found some how-to-make-Penetants stuff, so this question is sorta mute at this point.

Damn, thought I had more. Oh well. :)

/me offers 6 SoJs for an answer ;)

13th Aug 2002, 00:29
6 sojs for an answer! Cool!

You do recycle turdite, and it gives you 10,000E. And to get monks you have to cut back on the love nests, and get stuff that attracts monks. And deprivve people of sleep and you'll get more penitants.

UsEast Account Name Zakary711, tell me when you can get me the stones.:D

13th Aug 2002, 00:35
Argh, the official name is:

Sector ZetaPlural mkII

13th Aug 2002, 00:39
You do know I was joking, of course, right? :) I do have stuff that, if I wanted to get rid of it, would be worth a great many stones -

Jahal's Mane (1 stone)
Skullders Ire (6-8)
Occulus (3-6)
Tal's Belt (perfect, 15% MF, 1 Stone)
Tal's Ammy (2-3 sojs)
Bananar's star (1-2 soj)...
187% Lightsabre (4-5 stones)

Thanks for your answer.

PS ; /w *ESpark on East - I dont play too often due to my growing Startopia addiction... but if you happen to have a spare Tal's Armor lying around and you dont need it and feel like giving it to me..... :)

13th Aug 2002, 15:54
1) I just beat Mission 8 (the Zedem one) and I liked the little effect that happens at the end. I'm wondering if this dance-thing effects the station in any way, and if I should try and get 12 monks and 12 penitants in my Sandbox missions.

2) How do I turn on Fog? I have less than the system requirements for Startopia and about after the 5th segment my P2 300 with 160 RAM starts to framerate drop. (Same with my Bro's P3 500 with 64). I tried turning on fog, putting it all the way to the left and to the right and to the middle, and nothing. Do I need to turn on something else to get fog to work? I had it on before ; cant remember how I did it.

13th Aug 2002, 22:00
Yes I knew you we joking, but I only have 3 sojs and two babas, and a Homoculous, but enough of Diablo II, this is a forum for Startopia.

I kinda don't know the answers to the other two. But you would rarly need 12 monks.

15th Aug 2002, 17:13
If you want the special effect, you need to hire 12 monks. But if all your looking for is the great cash bonus you get from turning peeps into penitents, don't bother, you will probably never find 12 perfect monks.

If I remember correctly, you need to check something off, such as "Turn Fog On", and then adjust the slider to how much fog you want.

17th Aug 2002, 17:22
But i like diablo 2....

19th Aug 2002, 04:27
So do apparantly more people then I thought, but honestly I don't think we should break down and discuss why the Cairn Shard is so more effective then any other wand in existance. Mods don't like it when things get so OT they go into another game....

So let's lay off the D2 stuff.

19th Aug 2002, 16:06
Take your Diablo 2 discussion to the Eidos Interactive Off Topic Forum, also know as "The Spawning Pit of Corrupting Spam."

20th Aug 2002, 03:19
Bad Ghyron! Awful judgemental of people you do not know... I suggest most all of you to venture into the Community forum at least once!

20th Aug 2002, 08:57
You get to see me there! That should be motivation enough :)

20th Aug 2002, 15:12
Originally posted by Creamy_Goodness
Bad Ghyron! Awful judgemental of people you do not know... I suggest most all of you to venture into the Community forum at least once!

I have visited that foul place, and as soon as I saw it for what it was, I left as soon as possible.

Pinky the Cow
24th Aug 2002, 07:31
Originally posted by Ghyron

I have visited that foul place, and as soon as I saw it for what it was, I left as soon as possible.

Aren't they lucky then?

29th Aug 2002, 14:04
It could only have got worse with you there.

30th Aug 2002, 14:17
Poor, poor Ghyron...

Always in denial...

"Look! He's in the Nile!"

Death Busters
3rd Sep 2002, 23:13
Originally posted by NZrevenge
"Look! He's in the Nile!"

...:rolleyes: ...:mad: