View Full Version : FM: Careless hand: bugged?

Master Garett
12th Aug 2002, 20:32
you can't kill the undead at the beginning of the West City part? This can't be meant I think?

12th Aug 2002, 20:37
I don't think I ever tried to kill them, but it's not necessary to get rid of them to finish the mission, so it doesn't really matter. :)

Master Garett
12th Aug 2002, 21:03
it isn't?

well I haven't gotten the bone, nor my loot objective isn't finished...

12th Aug 2002, 22:18
You've missed stuff, then. The bone is down in the sewers, where you found Figo's key. As for loot, you'll have to search around for more. I'm afraid I don't have a loot list for this mission, though if you really get stuck, I can have a look and see if I can remember any hidden stuff. :)

Master Garett
13th Aug 2002, 09:42
I think I'm 53 short...

13th Aug 2002, 12:40
Let's see, did you find the nugget in the pool by the zombies at the end? The candlesticks in the room with the haunt?
In town, in the Herbs and Greens shop, there's 50g. in a chest.
There's a ring in the bedroom attached to the Meat shop.
There's a set of candlesticks in a building with a note about guard patrols for the sewer accesses.
There's quite a bit of stuff in Town Hall and the guard that patrols out behind it has a purse.
If you go out of Town Hall, take a passageway that dead ends at the West City gate and look behind some barrels at the far end, you'll find a nugget and some moss arrows. Also up in this area, there's a gem(or nugget) by a door.
There's a wine bottle and goblets on a shelf above the trap that leads down into the sewers.
When you first go down into the sewers, if you go left and climb up a well, you'll be in the yard of a house. In the house, there's 72g.
There's a purse worth 100g. by Figo.
That's all I have notes for, but it totalled 1247g. which should be enough to finish. :)

Master Garett
13th Aug 2002, 15:35
hmm, allright thanks... i think I missed indeed some...

and the bone, where is that?

13th Aug 2002, 15:41
You must have found Figo's key to get to the end section. The bone is lying in the same place, right by Figo. :)

Master Garett
13th Aug 2002, 18:01
must have overlooked it then... found a pouch and a key but didn't saw a bone...

again many thanks!!