View Full Version : what should raziel do in sr3?

12th Aug 2002, 20:25
not much to say
i just made a poll

13th Aug 2002, 02:25
Well, I would also say that the option of trusting Janos was a very close second.... but it's all about Kain! :D

13th Aug 2002, 12:35
seems like i am the only one that feels he should kill everyone he sees

Sue in UK
13th Aug 2002, 13:31
Nah JKV - you're not the only one :)
surely if he chooses (1) he becomes (4) - but that said - all through the games poor Raz has been the victim - everyone/thing else was trying to kill him or cause him problems - let him get his own back and kill 'em all!


hmmm :evil doesn't work on this forum ...

13th Aug 2002, 14:32
well being evil isn't killing everyone
being evil would be like working with the hylden or something

Midnight of Sevenshades
13th Aug 2002, 21:36
Kain was corrupted at birth by the corruption of the Pillars. By his very nature he is devious, ambitious and downright evil in every sense of the word. He appears to 'help' Raziel throughout SR2 but remember, everything he does is only beneficial to himself in the end.

Janos however is the oldest surviving member of the 'vampire' race living in Nosgoth. He has seen everything and remembers most of it, he knows the truth behind the events that are transpiring in Nosgoth.

My vote lies firmly with Janos according to these theories.

As for Vorador, he's too embittered by everything that's happened and is motivated primarily by revenge...that's not a good doctrine to follow.

Power reaver
14th Aug 2002, 13:44
Raziel should definately become evil , or in that sense plan ahead like most of the evil people in Nosgoth . I want him being oversmart , I want him to look at Moebiuses face when he ruins his plan .

The Bottom line

I want him to be smart :p

Lady Kreliana
14th Aug 2002, 15:10
I think that Raziel should continue to side with himself and nobody else. I still think that there are lessons for him to learn and things for him to do on his own without the influence of others. :)

14th Aug 2002, 19:47
I think Raziel should quit. If he does nothing, then he can't be doing what anyone else wants. Maybe that wouldn't work either though. It seems what ever he does is planned by everyone else. Even if he does the opposite to what others want, it would eventually turn out that his enemies wanted that after all. Maybe if he goes far enough into the past he will be before all these plans got made and finally have chance to make some of his own.

14th Aug 2002, 21:14
hylden and vapires would still be there
any father and all you got is a waste land full of hungry demon
poor raziel, his after life sucks ***