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12th Aug 2002, 17:57
Hey schwaa,

I just finished Crom's Blade (I'm a lot behind with playing FMs, so it's a bit late for a feedback? Ah, no matter - I still have to say a bit about it.) :)

First of, it's <b>cool!</b> *thumbs up*

I loved the snow, the ice, the new skins (especially the Yetis!), the new objects (especially the torches, they are really sweet!). And what made me fall in love with the mission was the music. I wished that I could have had some portable music-player or so in my inventory, for I really loved the intro music (the one coming from one of the ice objects near the starting point.) And I loved the musical hints for the secrets! If it wasn't for the music, I might have become desperate after a while and had given up... because I got lost all the time.

I restarted the mission a couple of times, and in each restart, I found a new area (and I got lost in new spots), and only on the 4th restart, it slowly began to become a complete picture. Then, I guess, I got lost again, and I restarted - this is an indicator that I loved the mission; if it wouldn't have had this magic, I would just have shaked my head and returned to do other things than playing the mission.

Okay, my 5th time through was finally successful (even though it still had some lengthy spots during which I (guess... yes, got lost). I still don't know how I entered the sewers in my... hm, which one was it... second time through; as this time, I couldn't figure the way in until I had a glance at your maps on your site (thank you for them! :) ), then I entered by the catacombs (and I am sure that this is not the way I entered them on my second attempt... Puzzles me. The switch wasn't there in the hidden storage room this time, and I was sure of it as the Trickster himself that I had seen the switch there on my 2nd attempt. Hm.

I read that you plan to release a gold version of it? :)

*hops up and down* May I point out two flaws then? Both are related to the diamond quest, though one only vaguely.

Well, the diamond in the broken tower - I didn't notice the music theme there; but instead, I heard the music theme in the ice caves coming from the NW tower (next to the little cache with the invis.potion and the silver coin stacks), this caused me to climb around a lot there without any diamond to find. I found the last one, again, only thanks to the maps on your site.

Then, this is really not related to the diamonds, only for people like me who find the train before the last diamond - in the mines is this environmental sound (a violin playing a constant sound). This sound did not go away again anymore; I found no other ambient hacked spots with the environmental flag while roaming around after I had activated this one. This is fine as long as the player now only has to find his way into the train... but it was irritating after 10 minutes (I had to return to the castle for the last diamond, and I - got lost), annoying after 20 minutes, and a serious torment after half an hour. I removed my headphones then, used earplugs, and switched finally the volume to 0, so that I didn't have to hear it anymore (needless to say... without the audio, I - got lost again. But it was better for the nerves than the constant chirping violin tension sound in my ears.) I'm not sure, maybe I just managed to avoid triggering a silence ambient marker, or if my soundcard went berzerk.

One marker outside of the mines with a silence as ambient hacked with environmental flag would have made me a happy taffer.

Alright. This were the two flaws that irritated me; I blame myself for not finding the way into the mines, as you even enlightened that spot with a 'shroom, and I had thought first time in these caves that I wanted to jump onto "that other platform", my fault that I had forgotten about this on this 5th trip. I also blame myself for not frobbing the torch at the portcullis until I was almost done - that caused only a slight problem with the navigation. :)

Overall, sorry for all the nitpicking! I am <b>greatly impressed</b> by the mission, and if it wouldn't have been for that problematic ambient sound in the last hour, I would be even happier about the gameplay of the mission.

Those creepy burning zombie-skeleton, hehe :D

I wonder though... who's the guy in the sarcophagus? I mean, if the guy on the throne is Crom, then what does that other guy do in Crom's sarcophagus? But, the guy on the throne wouldn't have fit into the sarcophagus anyway, so maybe he was just some actor for the king... all for show, lets cast some 3 meter tall giant to pose as king so that the peasants are greatly impressed. ;)

Well, and now Roland turns out to be of the Millennium-group and only wanted Garrett to acquire these ring-serpent thingies, right? Silver, gold, and bronze. I bet the Millennium-group would love those. ;)

16th Aug 2002, 20:58
Hey Lytha,

First thanx for playing, glad you enjoyed it. Also thanx for pointing out those flaws. I had no idea that music at the end kept going, that deffinately need fixed.

I'm hoping to have an auto map function in the update. Along with falling snow. There is also a long list of other fixes that I won't go into.

I am REALLY stoked that you noticed the music clue for the diamonds. I don't think anyone else noticed that. I did it just for you :)

You had top ask about the guy in the sarcophogus huh :(-
HaHa. Ummm, I don't know, ill planned... I'm going to try and add to/ fix the story abit also.

Thanx for the words of praise, it will help me out when I get around to finishing the update, alot is done but I want to completely recitify all probs before I'm done.

See Ya!

16th Aug 2002, 22:51
Falling snow and the automap! That are two things that will make this mission even better than it already is. I have a weak spot for those snowflakes, and the automap will help me with my "and then I got lost"-problem. :)

I can't believe that nobody noticed the music theme of the diamonds - how else to find them in all the white snow? Maybe it worked on the subliminal level. The music always gave a hint: "hey, look around a bit closer here."

Speaking of which, the "It's a long way up" was also very useful for me, as I had my eyes down at the floor after all the mantling/jumping up to this spot.

On my 3rd attempt to go through, I went on an anti-icycle madness (I had the vague idea that this would help me to orient myself a bit better), and then I was sad that I had killed the intro music. It seemed to be in the 1st or 2nd icycle coming from the start. I liked this music so much that I would certainly not have minded this one to have the permanent environmental flag! :)

Anyway, this mission is, judging from the addiction-factor, one of my favourites ever. I actually dreamed of it a bit between attempt #4 and #5 - and I am quite sure that the beautiful snow and the music had caused this. :)

18th Aug 2002, 03:44
Thanx alot for the compliments, you dreamed of it? WOW, I had nightmares for months about it ;)

The music was takin from Conan the Destroyer soundtrack. I though it was cool, orchestrated but not classical.