View Full Version : A ?:What have sales figures been like for SR2 and BO2?

12th Aug 2002, 15:58
It's just something that I am curious about-started thinking about Ico's dismal sales, and while I know that the 2 LoK games have sold much better then that, I was just curious as to how much better they have sold....

12th Aug 2002, 18:12
Aside from "well enough for them to port BO2 to the Gamecube," I'm not sure we'll ever know =(.

12th Aug 2002, 18:21
Look in the company reports, finacial statements/10k's 10q's anything filed with the SEC. Im sure the sales figures are somewhere for investors to see.

12th Aug 2002, 19:59
That's nothing Blinc--don't count it a true hit until it gets ported to the GBA...

12th Aug 2002, 21:03
Haha, they can re-do everything as SNES-style Mode 7 fake 3D, right? =) That would be pretty funny, like a BO2 mod for the original Doom.