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12th Aug 2002, 02:02
Any one here feel that Raziel the Sarifan Priest soul is actualy the wraith blade, "twinned and bound" as Ras says... If the passion for revenge was not so overwhelling Raz might well have escaped the prison of the Blood Reaver. Anyone find it just a bit strange how deeply connected Janos and Raziel are without prievious knowlege of their past to the history of the Reaver?

Tidus of Zanarkand
12th Aug 2002, 02:29
there is like a 4 page forum goin on abotu this topic
it is under the WHy did the Blood Reaver impale raziel thread title
enjoy. its long

Umah Bloodomen
12th Aug 2002, 02:35
Tidus is correct. Here is the thread for you Bloodspawn.


Either way you put it, all forms of Raziel, (human, soul reaver, whatever) ended up becoming the wraith and blood reaver.

Speculation was (on the other thread) that he developed these abilities/properties because there was no evidence of the actual blade possessing any of them before Raziel's true nature was revealed to him.

Power reaver
12th Aug 2002, 13:53
And I started that topic **Eyes all cute and batsy like Umahs**

12th Aug 2002, 21:40
how kind of you Umah..

yes, very kind.

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16th Aug 2002, 15:54
Speaking of wraiths....