View Full Version : Is the Apocolypse site gone?

11th Aug 2002, 23:48
Well it seems that the site has gone down temporarily or its just my internet connection. I hope its still up so i can use some of his tutorials on editing the game.

Meddling Grey
16th Aug 2002, 21:33
Since there has been no response to this post, I've decided to, er, respond. I guess that's a little obvious. Anyway, I'm pretty sure Apocalypse is still there, unless of course I'm hallucinating again. :)


17th Aug 2002, 02:27
Meddling Grey, this is a documented sighting of Meddling Grey. you can tell it's authentic due to the sig. hehe that sig always made me crack up.

17th Aug 2002, 03:47
Meddling Grey sightings are on the rise...

*Ghyron chomps into an orange flavored Meddling Grey*

18th Aug 2002, 01:12
I prefer the strawberry myself :) *sticks a pole in the MG and licks it*

18th Aug 2002, 16:47
New members, do not be alarmed.

Due to something quite strange in a previous RPG held on the old forum there were approximately 3000 clones of Meddling Grey created.

Most, as you probably heard, taste nice.

Just don't eat the real one.

He'll get really annoyed.

This has been a Inform-The-N00bs information burst. Thank you for your time.

18th Aug 2002, 17:10
i think someone opened a gateway to 3000 or so other universes, and all the other meddling greys came into ours, but i was pretty sure all but 3 of them were completely well... messed up, by some people with little transporty watches and guns.

Meddling Grey
23rd Aug 2002, 21:40
"I'll chop off yer head an' spit bile down yer throat!"
-- The zombie pirate LeChuck

This quote has been brought to you by the real Meddling Grey. Thank you for your time.

24th Aug 2002, 00:16
Originally posted by Meddling Grey
"I'll chop off yer head an' spit bile down yer throat!"
-- The zombie pirate LeChuck

Such evil dastardlyness, and the ability to come back from the dead even worse than before...

24th Aug 2002, 00:51
I have never developed a taste for any flavor of MG clones. I would much prefer a nice pastry myself....

NOTE: This is in no way a violation of Ordinance Number 10010011 prohibiting the mentioning of the pastry wars. No war was mentioned throughout the post and anyone saying otherwise will be pointed at and ridiculed.

24th Aug 2002, 00:58
Mmmmm, Slime-Berry flavored Meddling Grey. Hmmm, how many Meddling Greys did Death Busters eat again? I think it was around five hundred or something, oh well. Chomp! Chomp! Mmmmm, Slime-Berry...

Ooh, the Pastry-Wars. Soon, I will resume the Pastry Trade once again! Soon, Cupcakes, for all!