View Full Version : 20 year celeb. artbook edit. question

25th Dec 2016, 00:29
Hello fellow adventurers!

So, I picked up the "20 year celebration artbook edition" for PC today, and got slightly confused
- The artbook has a CD-DVD socket in the back, but there's nothing there. It's empty.

I know the PS4 version has the game sitting in that socket, but since the PC version already has 2 game discs in the main box, I figured maybe it's just 'cause the artbook is produced the same way for both PS4 and PC?

Thanks for any insight into this

25th Dec 2016, 00:56
Yes, I think the artbook version would be the same for both the PC and PS4 versions. But because the Artbook for PC comes with a Steam code for the game, you don't need a disc. Oh wait, you say the game discs came in another case? Well, it still applies, the artbook is just designed the same way.

25th Dec 2016, 12:04
Thanks for the reply, Rai - That's the conclusion I ended up with, too. Always nice to have a second opinion though :)