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11th Aug 2002, 22:45
I'm so mad right now! this site http://www.limotombraider.cjb.net/ is taking my fan made wallpapers and images and removing my name. I spend alot of time making my images and for this jerk to remove my name is outragous!!

12th Aug 2002, 00:05
Where did your site (www.larainmotion.com) go?

*edit* Phew now it working again !! :)

The Sage Of Time
12th Aug 2002, 00:22
Bleh.. I hate people who do that..
And you know, your site is one of my favorites.. I really love it.
So many Lara images.. It's the best resource for anything Lara image related.
You deserve better than that.. But I don't suppose much can really be done about it.. grr..

Lara Croft Online
12th Aug 2002, 00:42

The gif I made for Stella too.

They say it's a form of flattery. :rolleyes:

Kurtis Trent
12th Aug 2002, 00:47
oh no. that sucks when people do that. I love your site, its my favorite. (sorry other tr site owners.:D)

12th Aug 2002, 01:22
Tom I think your images are there too. Your wallpapers and such.

Here is a list of images taken from LIM that I can prove....the others probably are too! About 90% of these pics I made and they have had my named removed!! There is NO credit to my site anywhere as well.



this hole page of animations:



This one has my name removed and his there instead!

12th Aug 2002, 04:02
Isn't there anyway of contacting the server? This is really unfair. I know that if someone took one of my prized posesions (my dead people objects for TRLE) and put their name on it, I'd be furious! :mad: :mad: :mad:

cowboy from hell
12th Aug 2002, 04:02
Yes I understand and also think it is a pathetic act. It is simple theft and not to mention low. I am a musician and songwriter and I have to go through costly maneuvers just to protect what I write because people without any original thought of their own decide they need what you have. Sickens me to the core.
They ought to be embarassed about this but somehow feel they aren't. Sorry!

12th Aug 2002, 04:05
holy crap!! thas a lotta images etc that the website has of ures! that soo sux and its totaly unfair.. u shuld send an email to the person of that website. b like does this website sound familiar to u cuz thas where u stole my images from!

damn id b rip shyt if some 1 took all my hard work and pix from my site.

12th Aug 2002, 04:50
thanks for your support guys. I did email him, and posted the same topic on the forum he uses here...


12th Aug 2002, 05:09
But wasn't there a former member (and even a moderator for a while) of the old forum, who was eventually banned, that was talking about how he was going into the limo business? Limotombraider? Mere coincidence?

Anyway this guy was infamous for ripping off other peoples work and posting it as his own, or implying that it was his, by removing the authors name. Artwork, news, anything Tombraider, and he'd appropriate it. Sounds like more of the same. Mere coincidence? Hmmmmmm.........

*edit* Oh yeah, and he was originally from Italy too. Lived in Texas the last I heard.

12th Aug 2002, 06:19
Well what do you know..this ones even better then the last...

all sigs of mine have been replaced at LaraPic.

I just love this one here..I think it's my favorite

12th Aug 2002, 07:38
Can't you get in touch with the web-host and inform them that someone is knowingly nicking your own creations?
(Do you have a disclaimer on your site to cover yourself?)

Glider...that thought occurred to me, too....

12th Aug 2002, 10:58
Just read the post you made there and I happen to love this reply.

all the image on internet isn't protect by copyright
anyone can downlodare and to insert in every site

So this means you can steal someones work Well, that sounds fair.

12th Aug 2002, 11:04
I went to a Level Editor Forum recently and used my usual sig picture


I made the animation myself that is why my name is on it. So one of the moderators there is using the same animated gif but an older version that doesn't have my name on it (I know, silly me).

After he saw my first post he asked me to use another picture in my signature. :rolleyes:

I hate it too when people edit my work like they did to yours, Kris.

12th Aug 2002, 11:52
That really sucks.Most people would feel embarassed if you had caught them stealing your images.Surpisingly,he's not.Grrr...I just hate those jerks.You should really infrom his/her host about that matter

12th Aug 2002, 12:16
Hi Krisitine

That sucks man, are they not even giving you the credit for it???

I went and had a look at your site, it's well impressive man.

Tell me you list loads of games there

Angel Of Darkness
Unfinished Business


Now I know I'm gonna make myself look pretty dumb here, but are they games that are available to buy or whatever??

You have to excuse my ignorance I have been out of the gaming world for a while.

12th Aug 2002, 13:06
Wotcha Henners
Angel of Darkness is the new one due out at the end of this year
Unfinished Business is the extended PC version of TR1.

12th Aug 2002, 13:25
I think we should all register at that forum and start a petition going.
Copyright or not, if someone erases your name off your work and adds their own, they are showing a clear lack of common courtesy.

12th Aug 2002, 14:51
Well I can't stop others from stealing my work but I can expose them for the thiefs they are. I'd just like to add one more thing...you know I wouldn't have mined if these webmasters had changed one or two pics but to take so many and change them is so upsetting to me I just had to tell someone about it. And I thank you all for being there for me...


12th Aug 2002, 15:29
Originally posted by DaveJ
I think we should all register at that forum and start a petition going.....

I registered! :)

12th Aug 2002, 15:32
good idea davej!! :D

12th Aug 2002, 17:39
If you want, you can use my cellar sig on your site as an accompaniment
to your own TOUs...

12th Aug 2002, 17:44
This is very low. Unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done in this situation except informing the people about the truth. I've always liked your site, Kristine. It is the only TR site, I've ever visited. :D

12th Aug 2002, 19:43
im not sure how u can do this but u can make ure site so that ure pix cannot b taken. my dad was telling me at this site if u right click on a pic it wont do anything so the person cannot save it to their computer and use it for their advantage. im not sure if u have thought of this but i think its worth a try:)

12th Aug 2002, 20:20
Ive thought of this TombRaiderChik but it's not fair to all the other people who visit and follow the rules :(

Kurtis Trent
12th Aug 2002, 20:22
i wish i could help kristine, your site rules. but i dont know the first thing about doing that kinda stuff. i hate people who do that. Sorry.

12th Aug 2002, 20:33
Originally posted by TombRaiderChik
im not sure how u can do this but u can make ure site so that ure pix cannot b taken. my dad was telling me at this site if u right click on a pic it wont do anything so the person cannot save it to their computer and use it for their advantage. im not sure if u have thought of this but i think its worth a try:)

Every picture can be taken. If you can view a picture, it's already on your hard drive. ;)

12th Aug 2002, 20:55
Can you believe she is saying she didn't take them and remove my sigs. She said she got them from another site, so I asked which one, let's see what happens next...boy this is getting good..hehe:D

12th Aug 2002, 21:20
Found some interesting reading.....

Under a convention of the Law called the Berne Copyright Convention, all creative works are copywritten the moment they're in a tangible form.

Tangible form means almost anything other than in your head. Simply dreaming of the world's greatest Web site isn't enough to protect your ideas by Copyright. But once it's in a material form, it's protected. This means that, regardless of whether or not you see a Copyright noticed affixed to a newspaper, Web page, piece of fine art--it's most likely Copyright material, if it's original.

However, many people have never heard of the Berne Copyright Convention. And many people, for some strange reason, fail to respect that most Web site material is Copyright protected, unless they see an explicit Copyright notice (and even then some people don't care). It's to your advantage to place a formal Copyright notice somewhere on your Web site--or on every page. You may not prevent people from stealing your work, but it may deter some people, it makes some people stop and think about whether they really want to "borrow" your material, and it can help you out in case you decide to press charges against someone for Copyright infringement.

12th Aug 2002, 21:45
I've been following this for awhile now, and it's unbelievable what people try to get away with.....

In regards to the Bernes Copyright, since you placed your sigs on the pictures, wouldn't that be just about the same as the copyright? Because it seems like it would be the same thing.......

12th Aug 2002, 21:59
Hm but you are using already copyrighted Lara Croft character and registered Tomb Raider trademark in your pictures. I am not sure if this convention applies here.

12th Aug 2002, 22:00
Do you mean that I stole the pics from core? Yes i'm hosting their images with my name on them because I pay alot of money to do so. Just like gamespot or any other official game/news site that add's their name to images made by core/eidos. I have received mail from Eidos that was in my favor and many compliments were givin to me by the rep for keeping Lara alive while we wait for AOD.

But the images I made from the officials were not taken with permission and altered and I'm very upset with this webmaster. It's a slap in the face to the tr community I love so much.

12th Aug 2002, 22:09
I am so happy to hear how rotten some people are, especially when I was just in the middle of bringing my site(Tomb Raiding, which not a lot of people even know about) back to life.

12th Aug 2002, 22:16
This only goes to show you how low people are willing to sink to try to make themselves appear better than they actually are, and are able to do on their own.

Have you asked this person if they have talked to Core about hosting the pictures? Because if they don't, there's your proof right there that the work mostly wasn't their original idea.

12th Aug 2002, 22:18
Originally posted by Kristine@LIM
Do you mean that I stole the pics from core?

No. Look, I am not a lawyer or anything. It just seems that being allowed to host and owning a copyright is not the same thing. That's why I expressed my concerns about this convention in this particular case.

ps: And I am not trying to justify what that person did.

12th Aug 2002, 22:24
I can barely communicate with this person since I don't think she speaks a word of English. I'm just waiting to hear back from her and find out where she supposedly got these altered images from :rolleyes:

12th Aug 2002, 22:27
Xcom, I didn't take it that way at all. I just wanted to express the reasons why I add my sigs to them. ;)


12th Aug 2002, 23:00
Originally posted by Xcom

Every picture can be taken. If you can view a picture, it's already on your hard drive. ;)

ooooh okey dokey wasnt aware of that :D
geesh i learn new stuff everyday :cool: :p

and i hope everything ends up workin out for u and that other girl kristine!

12th Aug 2002, 23:07
Thanks TombRaiderChik, me too!!

12th Aug 2002, 23:15
You know I'm on your side already Kris, and I replied to your copyright question at your forum, but here is the link again:

I looked at websites about copyrighting websites, and they pointed to this place too.

13th Aug 2002, 05:44
Alright.... i'll try to sum this up and hopefully get it right. Some, or alot, of your custom pictures have been stolen and put on his or hers website without any credit going to you. This battle has been going on on this forum and the forum he/she uses. Copyright laws prohibit what this person is doing by stealing all of these pics and posting them with their name instead of yours. You want this to be fixed, but this person says he/she got it from another website and won't answer to what website he/she got it from. And we are all still awaiting for a answer to this problem. Hopefully, this problem will end soon.

P.S. I believe you should win this battle.

13th Aug 2002, 07:40
This is a job for KHAPicard!

13th Aug 2002, 11:12
Originally posted by Kristine@LIM
I have received mail from Eidos that was in my favor and many compliments were givin to me by the rep for keeping Lara alive while we wait for AOD

Your site is even linked in the Official Tomb Raider Book! I was shocked to see it there, as I didn't think the Official people looked at fansites!

13th Aug 2002, 12:45
Originally posted by Glider
But wasn't there a former member (and even a moderator for a while) of the old forum, who was eventually banned, that was talking about how he was going into the limo business? Limotombraider? Mere coincidence?

Anyway this guy was infamous for ripping off other peoples work and posting it as his own, or implying that it was his, by removing the authors name. Artwork, news, anything Tombraider, and he'd appropriate it. Sounds like more of the same. Mere coincidence? Hmmmmmm.........

*edit* Oh yeah, and he was originally from Italy too. Lived in Texas the last I heard.

yes, and it's very strange that this person you speak of, is a mod at LIM. makes you go hmmmmmmm.............

13th Aug 2002, 14:26
Kat, I'm not so sure the person is who you think it is.....the webmaster is a female ( or so I've been told my the members of the other forum);)

13th Aug 2002, 14:59
Well, I haven't visited the other site that you speak of and I don't plan to so I wouldn't be able to tell anyways.

13th Aug 2002, 20:32
I have received her email:


Ciao Kristine, scusa se non parlo inglese (non ci capisco nulla di inglese =)
Ti chiedo scusa se ho modificato alcune immagini, però alcune le ho trovate su vari motori di ricerca!
Ormai mi sembra troppo complicato modificare le vecchie immagini.
Perciò ti chiedo se posso aggiungere un tuo banner sulla pagina http://digilander.libero.it/limoncina87/banner.htm
E scriverò ke GRAZIE al tuo sito ho tutte quelle BELLE immagini.
Metterò i tuoi banner anke nelle altre pagine.
Per te va bene?
Speriamo che il traduttore tradugga bene quello ke sto dicendo.
Ti chiedo un favore: Non parliamo più di questo argomento nel forum.ok?
Grazie di tutto, aspetto la tua risposta!


Hello Kristine, excuses if I do not speak English (I do not understand us nothing of English =) I wonder excuse if I changed some images, however some found them on varied engines of search! Now it seems me too complicated to change the old images. So I wonder if I can add a your banner on the page http://digilander.libero.it/limoncina87/banner.ht AND will write ke THANKS to the your site I have all those ATTRACTIVE images. I will put your banner anke in the other pages. For
you it goes well? We hope that the translator well that tradugga ke I am dicendo. I wonder a favor: we do Not speak more of questo I deduce in the forum. ok? Thanks of everything, I wait your reply! Hello!


My reply:


Understand I'm very upset with you right now. If you found them on search engines I would like to have the url to the Italian search engine you used.

As for you changing my images yourself I'm very upset. Please do not take anything from my site again.

The images you have are probably going to be taken from someone else and used on thier site which means the work and credit I have done we be lost.

You do what you want, I can't make you place the original images on your site.

Please let me know what you deceided to do?


13th Aug 2002, 21:53
It's sad to say but I don't think there is anything you can do to prevent people from stealing. I am inclined to think there is no such thing as copyright on the internet. :(

14th Aug 2002, 07:45
Oh, there is.

If you actually do have a copyright you can close sites down.

X Files sites, Buffy sites, Tomb Raider sites, fan sites...all have been pressured into closing down by the owners of copyrights on these products.

I had a site once that featured a photo from FHM. Despite my crediting their magazine, they still got my site shut down for several months.

14th Aug 2002, 16:22
I am confused about something. This is actually directed at Kristine but wasn't there a thread in the AOD forum where you posted a new AOD picture with your website name on it. This one...


Who actually created this picture? Was it someone at Core or was it you Kristine? This is very confusing because I thought you (Kris) had actually created it and I thought "wow, if only I could create a picture like this!". I think everyone who replied said something like "great picture Kristine!" and I distinctly remember DaveJ making a comment that the gargoyle looks like the one from the Dracula movie.

If Core did create the picture you mislead me into believing you had created this. How is this any different from what the Italian website did to you???

I am just a little confused about this. Who actually creates the pictures?:confused:

14th Aug 2002, 17:51
the new images of Lara are originals from Core. The wallpapers I made from them. I placed my site name there when I received them due to the fact that they are on my site. Just as TRC did to the new images they just released. But many for the images taken from my site to this Italian site were ones I made myself so that is the problem. She never contacted me about them or asked to use any of them. True she did not know which ones I made but that is why I have the "read me" text on my index page. I will be removing my name from that image you speak of;)

14th Aug 2002, 18:57
HOW COULD THEY!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? THIS IS SO MEAN!!!!!!!!!! WE SHOULD WWRITE A NOTICE OR SOMETHING AND SEND IT TO HIM!!!!!!!!! hE STOLE YOUR WORK!!!!!!!! HE COULD OF ADKED PERMISSION TO USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! tHIS MAKES ME SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

14th Aug 2002, 21:13
Thanks a bunch Nerevar! Looks like I'm getting the same problem for using new Lara images from someone at this forum now:(

see thread

14th Aug 2002, 21:24
Anyone interested in the legalities of this subject should look here: http://www.utsystem.edu/ogc/intellectualproperty/useofnet.htm

I am sorry that this has happened, and that it will happen to most people, however I agree that it is a form of flattery ;)

14th Aug 2002, 22:47
Simply put I would just like visitors to honor my request.

I'm not the only website out there that adds names to official images. Ton's of them do it official and non-official. I do not claim to have made every image I place my name on and I do not take others images (whatever state they are in) claiming them as my creations.

I have never posted an original image on any forum claiming I
created it either.

14th Aug 2002, 23:34
Originally posted by Nerevar
You'll have to take legal action where the defendant is domiciled.

So, to summarize, she must travel to Italy, hire a lawyer, start a lawsuit w/o any guarantee of winning the case, live there for as long as this lawsuit lasts, in other words spend "god-knows" how much money because of a dozen of wallpapers. Good solution. :rolleyes:

I think the real question is not whether or not you are legally protected, the question is whether it's all worth it.

15th Aug 2002, 01:33
No it's not all worth it:( i was going to say something but I'm not. I'm just tired of it at this point. I just wanted to expose her (which I think I did) and fix the problem but it's unlikely that's going to happen. oh well.

19th Aug 2002, 20:39
Still waiting:(:(

19th Aug 2002, 22:47
My brother once had a similar problem. He had created some original artwork and found they were being displayed at another site. He finally got them removed by patiently however continually asking nicely for them to be removed.

I believe I would be more likely to remove any material if someone were persistent in a nice way than if someone were not.

24th Aug 2002, 03:24
I have an odd feeling in my side that this problem has not been solved yet. I have been reading on the italian(i hate babelfish translation) and it seems the topic stopped abruptly about.. 3 or four days ago. Yeah, i think thats right. One big question, when will this problem be solved/ have a agreement between the two parts?

Lara Croft Online
24th Aug 2002, 03:37
It's simple really contact the webmaster and if you get no
satifaction contact the host. :rolleyes:

31st Aug 2002, 16:50
Death to copyright thieves...

It makes me wonder why people even bother. Isn't it just simpler to give credit where it's due, rather than having to alter images/text/whatever, talk rubbish, make excuses, remember what rubbish/excuses have been said...

*me sighs*

2nd Sep 2002, 22:25
I too would be very upset.

If somebody took my outfits from my site or hotlinked the files without my prior permission, I would be very angry considering most of the outfits I made were with the now very defunct strpix2 (those of you who used to make outfits through this system will sympathise). Some of them took weeks.

But, if I download a wallpaper from a site (very rarely) i remove the site name as i think it ruins the look of the image - although, i take it, as soon as i save the file to my HD it is up to me what i do with it. it would be wrong of me, however, to then have the said wallpaper online for others to download.

as far as copyright goes, i have no idea who my outfits belong to. i say in my legal stuff page that they belong to me, but if core design objected to this i would correct it. so far so good as i have had no complaints. although, i was worried for a VERY long time as to whether or not i had broken the law by changing lara's clothes...you know, defacing a copyrighted entity or whatever

2nd Sep 2002, 22:27
oh btw, i had better add that if somebody downloaded one of ym outfits and then altered it and then put it online as their own i wouldnt be bothered - although that said, it is common courtesy to acknowledge the original "artist" isnt it? i dunno

i am dumb! lol

3rd Sep 2002, 23:50

That really bites...you do such nice work.

Everytime I post a new photo of a look-a-like the question of copyright always comes up.

Photos are of course easier to prove ownership of.

But in your case, the question would probably be; who holds the original copyright and I think the answer would be Core/Eidos

I believe that the grey area comes when Core/Eidos gives these images up for use by the public (but not for profit). Once modified by you, who holds the copyright?

I certainly don't have that answer.

I sure hope that you get some sort of resolution...