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11th Aug 2002, 22:03
To end the reign of the so called "Gods of the RPGs." I have devised a system of rules to prevent abuse of RPGs.

Rule #1: No player shall kill another "Real" player, however, they may kill NPCs if they are in their grasp of death.

Rule #2: No player shall have an invunerable fleet/army/ship, and must be realistic with the fleet's actions according the StarTopia universe.

Rule #3: Love thy neighbor. No player shall flame another in any post in anyway what so ever.

Rule #4: No player shall create a Deus Ex Machina. In other words, no player shall create a solution to a perviously insoluable solution purely for their own needs unless the player holding them in the situation gives them a chance.

Rule #5: No player shall use bad slang or highly incorrect grammar. This is to keep communications stable.

Rule #6: No player shall destroy entire fleets/armies in a single blast or post.

Rule #7: No player shall cloak in "Hyper-Space", cloak while firing a weapon, cloak while making communications, or cloak while producing a large amount of energy.

Rule #8: No player shall be able to escape out of their own explosion if they dump any reactor. This was made to keep players from killing entire fleets/armies.

Rule #9: No player shall phase a whole army out to safety, this is similar to Rule #4.

Rule #10: No player shall destroy anothers home planet/landmark without permission from the other player.

Rule #11: No player shall argue over what a first post says about something in general that has not been written down as fan material. In example: A player creates a planet that contains evil stupid people and destroys it, but they did not say which planet, although they could say who it was owned by and such. A player cannot argue and say that that planet had good smart people, as this would be plain cheating.

Rule #12: Any player caught cheating should be ignored throughout the RPG unless another player does not notice or care.

Rule #13: No player shall control another and/or their fleets/armies.

Rule #14: Amendments can be added by a two thirds majority vote once purposed by a player.

Rule #15: In the case of an appeal of one rule or an amendment, there will be a voting thread. The majority rule is two thirds.

The Bill of RPGs

Amdendment #1: This amdendment changes Rule #7. A player may cloak while making close range communications, but cannot when making long range communications. They also cannot cloak upon exiting or entering Hyper-Space for a short period of time.

11th Aug 2002, 22:06

I want to see how you try and enforce this.

11th Aug 2002, 23:07
I dissagree with Rule #7, on the following point(s);

"No player shall cloak....while making communications" I dissagree on this point, I think that players should be able to communicate while under cloak as long as the object they are communicating with is no more than 5,000,000,000 Miles away. After this point standared sensor's would be able to pick up the power needed to send a communication signal that far.

12th Aug 2002, 00:41
I agree with all of the rules except numbers 7 and 8. If a ship had enough power it Could cloak at hyperspace. If there is some other force preventing this plase explain.

Why should #8 apply to ships with two or more reactors? If a ship such as Dreadnaught were to jetison one of its twelve anti matter reactor, it whould have eleven left to move the ship away befoe the blast, or if it dumped one of its two singulrity cores, ot whould have another left to power the ship, plus the twelve anti matter reactors. Most ships are designed to operate, in emergancies, with one or more of ther reactors offline, or destroyed, os they should be able to atleast move with only one, or two of their reactors ejcted. Allthugh small craft with only a single reactor whould probably be crippled if that was ejected.

12th Aug 2002, 01:29
I don't think we should have ejectable Reactors...

Secondly, uh, how are you going to be able to detect a ship that is in a wormhole? Wouldn't cloaking be errelevent in this situation? I wrote before that engaging the hyperdrive would alert enemies to your location.

12th Aug 2002, 02:33
Davidg uses reactors as cowardly escape routes, but suffers no damage. Take it that these rules would be implied to prevent arguments over what dies or not.

And cloaking in hyper-space is highly un-fair, and furthermore very improbable. Your going to have to uncloak some time.

I was going to write down communications can be cloaked for XXX, but people would bend it too much.

12th Aug 2002, 04:09
Hrm, nice set of laws. But you forgot the Topless Beach Party Law. What? Irrelevant? Never mind then...

And I agree. Shooting off reactors like nukes isn't really fair. And how can your ship honestly support 12 anti-matter-reactors? That's a tad bit much. Plus two singularty cores? What kind of a ship are you running?? Where do you keep the people? No matter...

No reactor bombs. Period. I've lost count of how many reactors you've flung at us.

Ooh and I have a law too. Regarding Omnipitance. If someone posts

From: Person A

I hid the key to the superweapon on the nearby planet. Go get it now, Person B, and use the superweapon to kill Person C.

If such a post were to occur, person C couldn't just fly down to where the keys were and take them. Akin to "No All-Knowing Gods." It may be obvious to some but I just wanted to point that out....

12th Aug 2002, 17:02
this is good! now, if you further expand these rules.. (ship-classes, cost, attack speed, damage, crew, etc. you know) then we can create some sort of A.S.R. (advanced startopia roleplaying)

16th Aug 2002, 00:49
How many rules have we broke in the last rpg here...<Sighs and then shuts the piece of paper in a plastic box, hanging it above all other RPG's we did.> Now lets see what other RPG objects can i contain.

8th Jan 2003, 02:41
Originally posted by SkrasherSmasher
From: Person A

I hid the key to the superweapon on the nearby planet. Go get it now, Person B, and use the superweapon to kill Person C.

Perhaps you could start with:

Person A and Person B meet in the depths of nothingness to discuss secret negotiations.
And then send a couple of private messages between yourelves. Person B then has to act out the recovery of the key and use of the superweapon and Person C (or D or E for that matter) has the ability to react to these posts that seem pointless at the time.

8th Jan 2003, 14:09
We're doing alright as it is, most of these rules are being followed and there have been no serious incidents. I think we are managing to hold these RPG's together through better co-operation. Even DavidG has mended his ways.

Medical Grey
29th Jan 2003, 03:00
Is it agianst the rules to jettison your only reactor and sacrifice one or two of the ships in oreder to damage another as long you dont make it a strategy?

30th Jan 2003, 01:26
Yes! If you jettison your only reacto your ship will hae no power, and if it has no power it can't move, and if it can't move it is destroyed by the reactor and if it is destroyed by the reactor you die.

30th Jan 2003, 01:35
I thought the original purpose of jettesoning a reactor was to get the imminently fatal device away from your ship so that you could at least survive long enough for a rescue ship to pick you up.

30th Jan 2003, 04:32
He was using it as an offensive tactic. It is against the rules to use it as a weapon, but it isn't against the rules if it is used an emergancy manuever to save your ship. The blast cannot severely damage opponents.

Medical Grey
30th Jan 2003, 07:35
right gotcha. Just wondering... Oh and by the way i plan to start a new rpg in space again.

30th Jan 2003, 11:36
Originally posted by Medical Grey
right gotcha. Just wondering... Oh and by the way i plan to start a new rpg in space again.

If you start a RPG, make sure its not completly devoid of passion like your last one was, most of us are into the big space battles type thing, attempt any sort of moderation and you will be ignored, very quickly :D