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11th Aug 2002, 21:31
It's... The Taffer's Tower

Almost as tall as Angelwatch, but only half as evil!
Featuring... The highest single climbing challenge in all the Thief universe!
The fan-mission debut of the Frobozz Magic Crate Device!
Dancing Benny and the Golden Child!
An old friend from Thief: The Dark Project!
The lost temple of Abb-Telklas!
And much-much (well, maybe not that much) more!

(2002-08-19) Updated!
Official site: http://snow.prohosting.com/tomfool/thief/missions.shtml
Direct download: http://homepage.mac.com/ptbrown/missions/TaffersTower.zip
Cheap Thief mirror:

Read all the mission information.
Also, there is an alternate 'shortcut' way to get to the top of the tower, other than stacking. But ya' gotta work for it.

And if you get stuck, there's a Hintlist file to answer your questions.

This mission was inspired by some threads over at TTLG. Luthien and Azal got into something of a race to see who could climb to some ridiculously out-of-the-way place before the other.
Azal pioneered the sport of "frog-beasting." Luthien (not Azal) managed to get to the top of Angelwatch in LotP, and he invented a "staircasing" method to get to the top of the lighthouse in Precious Cargo. At one point he made an off-comment about a "portable crate dispenser." And thus this mission was born.

12th Aug 2002, 03:08
Hey this sounds great! Can't wait to play this! I will when I get done beta testing. ;)
Thanks for stopping over here. :)

12th Aug 2002, 03:18
Ahh, Telliamed, some of those objects and textures in your screenshots look familiar.:)

Thanks for the good word. I've downloaded it. I will play it soon, but not this evening.

The direct link to mac.com did not work for me. I think it's those dots in the URL. The name seems incomplete.

12th Aug 2002, 07:53
Ah! Oopsie... silly me just did a copy/paste and didn't noticed the foreshortened url.

Those screenshots are just from the C3 missions. After the Party and Fireshadow's Barrow. And of course, there's the Tower. I need to put descriptions up for those...

12th Aug 2002, 12:23
when descending the lift, there is a spot where the size of the room combined with the number of objects visible makes a few objects disappear (including the lift you're standing on!).
Don't freak out, it's just a momentary thing until you move out of the hot-spot. If this bothers you, look in some direction where you're not trying to see the entire room at once; like a wall.


Sounds like my kind of mission!

13th Aug 2002, 03:41
normal game to play or is it intended as a main objective to climb to the top of this structure? If it is then would not be for me to play as I'm not the ultimate climbing Thief :) So could you explain a little more what is it's gameplay please? Ta and Good Hunting! :)

13th Aug 2002, 03:48
The universal task is to open the front door of the tower, which I haven't been able to do because it requires to use crates (and only crates, or maybe a bedroll or two and a corpse or two) to climb to the top of a tower (which is VERY tall) that would take more time than I would like to use, but I'm impatient, though it is tall. "Medium" level is to get loot on the way and "Hard" level is to not kill living creatures. There is 1 froggie, 1 spider (which is impossible to get to without adding breathe potions in DromEd, to my knowledge), and 1 thief gaurd.

13th Aug 2002, 03:50
I'm a pathetic climber. SOOOO, all I did was knock a bunch of crates everywhere (ruin my perfectly wonderful stack, trying to climb them:(), and then drown. :o Although (from what I could tell) very well done, certainly not my favorite mission, for the simple reason that, come heck or highwater, I sincerely doubt I'll ever be able to complete it. :o :D

13th Aug 2002, 04:31
not going to get it afterall as it doesn't seem like my type of game :( Too bad...but like I told Danventry in his other thread...if it isn't the type of game that sounds playable to your style of playing...just give it a pass...and go for another one...so in this case, I'm taking my own advise :) Ta and Good Hunting!

13th Aug 2002, 06:05
The only real purpose of the game was to create the Crate Dispenser. That and run-around having fun. (Well, at least, for me to have fun making it.)

And I knew not everyone could climb using crates. (Although it is possible to get to the first ledge using only vine arrows.) So...
<div style="background: blue; color: blue;">Search around the lights on the ground for a hidden panel.</div>

A clarification on "Azal". The objective is to take anything that you can pick up and carry it into the Tower.

You're supposed to be able to swim through the tunnel by diving from a high height. But for some people it doesn't work. So hidden inside the Tower is a speed potion.

13th Aug 2002, 07:59
I think this mission will appeal to everyone who is into Thief challenges, but this time not with a banner transmigration, but instead with climbing and diving. :)


I don't agree with your summary of it.

That is not a "thief guard"...
There is another way up to the top of the tower, a shortcut for which you don't need any crates.
Inside of the tower are more AIs to watch and to enjoy.
Diving through is possibe if you go for a jumpstart (i.e. from the roof of the building right into the water. I used the speed potion for it, and I did it in the highest difficulty, and it worked)

But yes, this is not a regular Thief mission. That is true. There's a lot of loot to grab, there are several details that will make you laugh aloud or smile, but no Guards to knock out and no need to sneak around.

I think the mission is aimed for people who enjoy challenges, and for people who enjoy fooling around in Thief. This mission is also ideal for people who want to learn how to stack crates, as here, they don't have to run around the mission for 2 hours to collect all the crates.

13th Aug 2002, 12:42
I got up to about 15-16 crates when it all came a crashin down. I might go back to it some day but stacking crates that high is just not really my cup of tea. Hats off to any taffer out there with enough patience and skill for this mission.:)

13th Aug 2002, 17:00
Sorry Lytha, I didn't know what to call him. I'm also sorry about saying that it's impossible to get to the secret area without breathe potions (I meant from the ground, nothing from climbing).

14th Aug 2002, 09:17
"I'm no [thief guard]. I'm Garrett!" ;)

Funny, we don't often see Garrett with a sword. It's actually easier to make him with a sword than without.

I don't see anything unfair here. There is more to see in the mission, but it all begins with getting to the top of the Tower. If you can't do that then it would seem pointless and frustrating.

I probably should include a walkthrough or list of hints with the mission.

That little shortcut is what I blame for much of the difficulties I had making the mission. At first I had just built a tower with an empty room at the top and deep pool on the side. But since there's probably only about six people in the world who can stack well enough to get up there I decided to make the shortcut a permanent feature. So now that anyone can get to the top of the Tower, I have to put something interesting up there.... yadda-yadda-yadda and a month and a half later I'm struggling with complexity errors and object clipping as I put the finishing touches on the FM. :)

Actually, for swimming through the tunnel, "Azal" mode is the most difficult. Since there's only a single hit-point on "Lytha", I had to increase the air supply. The relative difficulties aren't necessarily related to their position on the New Game screen.

14th Aug 2002, 09:52
Originally posted by Telliamed
Actually, for swimming through the tunnel, "Azal" mode is the most difficult. Since there's only a single hit-point on "Lytha", I had to increase the air supply. The relative difficulties aren't necessarily related to their position on the New Game screen.

That explains my problems with my drowned Azal 2 centimeters before the surface (kind of sad, really). I wondered if you had changed something with the water when I stumbled into that problem, because I had never tried that dive in the Azal-mode before. :)

Btw... how is Azal supposed to get the Keeper out there? If I could manage to dive in, this would be an interesting challenge. ;) Maybe I try it in the highest difficulty one day. :)

(I wonder at the moment how you come to the count of "6 people") ;)

While I am in here, I loved these loot items, especially the loot count (now <i>that</i> trip was worth the efford. Especially the mask opposite of Benny was challenging for me, as there is that hole in the floor below it. Quite funny, too - I went ahead and got my vine arrows back here, for that I needed some funny vine arrow maneuvres.) :D

15th Aug 2002, 08:39
Carrying the body involved dropping him into the tunnel, diving after him, drinking an air potion and a speed potion, picking up the body, swim some more, drop the body, drink another air potion, pick it up and swim the rest of the way.

The really tricky part was getting up to the roof with the bodies. Remember, I'm not a crate stacker myself and have to use the "express elevator".

I did shorten the tunnel once; not quite enough perhaps.

I just didn't think the mission was really "complete" without some loot. You know that you can stand on the railing, right? In fact, I put gaps in the railing that you can slip through. You can sorta see them if you know what to look for.

17th Aug 2002, 19:19
I am having a problem. A mission like this makes me wish I knew Dromed :). At the front of the building, I can only get 6 crates stacked, and then the 7th one comes up to my ears and I can't jump any higher, no matter what I do. I though that perhaps the building's outer wall was slanted outward and I just kept hitting it at a certain point, so I stacked crates about 24 or 36 inches back from the wall, and I can STILL only get 6 high. I then decided to try the ledge that is underwater, so I could at least get high enough to try to dive into the tunnel, and there I can only get 3 crates stacked, and then the same thing happens. Why? Why can some ppl do it when I can't? Am I just not holding my mouth right? I thought that it might be a memory problem, but I can remember just fine :). No, seriously, I have 512 DDR memory. And as a last resort, where is the shortcut? Please mask a spoiler, so that I can try other things first. Thanks.

18th Aug 2002, 09:52
Could it be that you are hitting the 'ceiling'?
The sky can be very low in some parts of most missions.

18th Aug 2002, 19:56
Originally posted by Zaccheus
Could it be that you are hitting the 'ceiling'?
The sky can be very low in some parts of most missions.

I wondered about that too, Zaccheus, but other people seem to be doing it. I've tried in various places with the same result. The ceiling is even lower over the ledge that's covered by water. Surely the ceiling is supposed to be higher than 3 or 6 boxes. Thanks, anyway :)

19th Aug 2002, 07:56
Well, first off. I already revealed the location of the shortcut in this thread.

The ceiling is high enough.

Had some fun stacking crates today. Got about 22 or so up when something made me slip and fall. Managed to survive, thanks to quick reflexes and my lucky frog egg. But then I started getting hit on the head from the crates falling down. And boy did that make an awful mess!


Oh, and there's going to be a revision of the Taffer's Tower out tomorrow. It should be less of a royal PITA than the first. And it includes a complete list of hints/tips/spoilers. Stuff like...
After swimming through the tunnel, you can get speed potions by setting the spider on fire. Hitting it with fire arrows sorta works, but it's easier to just kill it and drop it on the fire.

20th Aug 2002, 07:13
New updated version.