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11th Aug 2002, 14:06
Fellow StarTopians of Zeta Plural MkII, we are missing out on cool stuff!

The Thief forums have had their community chat given a custom name, and atleast two or three other forums have html enabled!

Now come on, we serious, mature, intelligent people here... Well, we're people. We can be trusted with html!

(And if we are allowed a custom name, where should we put it?)

11th Aug 2002, 16:16
I tried to get HTML code enabled, but apparently the forums arn't quiet enough...

I just wonder who has a community chat forum more quiet than ours... :confused:

11th Aug 2002, 19:41
timesplitters? :D

a custom title would be cool!

11th Aug 2002, 20:00
Yeah, when was the last time we threw a wild, ramaging party here? We need a big ole party involving a couple kegs and a wet tee shirt contest.

Wait no, then we'll never be considered as a quiet community chat. Darn, I have the kegs already set up too...:( And I really think that is opinion of us is coming off of the almost-could-have-been-kinda-was-a-little-bit-of-a flame war we had with TR. Oh well, can't make fun of the TRs and have a custom title too, or did the saying involve cake?

What would the custom title be? (If we ever got one.)

11th Aug 2002, 20:10
Zeta Plural MkII??

11th Aug 2002, 21:36
It is Creamy and Alpha's decision, not the TR mods. The flame war would have been avoided if Alpha had been not-on-vacation, and Creamy had decided to actually visit here before it got out of hand. If you notice, the mods hardly ever post here.

11th Aug 2002, 22:04
Shh, Ghyron! You don't want the mods to read this 4 weeks from now and ban you!!

Mabey new, more active mods are needed... just don't say I suggested it...:D

11th Aug 2002, 22:09

12th Aug 2002, 05:27
Well actually what really peeved the TR people off was my calling them "not too bright", which they took far too seriously. They worked themselves into believing that the opinion of our entire forum was that we all thought that we were better than them and that they were ignorant. If I hadn't been away for 3 or 4 days, I would've apoligised pronto and there wouldn't have been any problem (but then again it didn't help that certain un-named mod encouraged us to spam in the TR forums...).

Now what would be the possible dangers of html here? Disgruntled TR members plotting revenge and Ghyron doing what he does best. Apart from that chances are we wont even use it most of the time. The novelty will wear off in 0.0372 of a rotation and it will end up one of those useful things that will come in handy every now and again. It will be useful, but not widely used. YOU CAN TRUST US!

And yeah, I was thinking Zeta Plural MkII as our custom name as well...

12th Aug 2002, 12:27
as we speak, Ghyron poisions your minds agains the mods... oh whats the use, oppsing the supream evil ghyron is like... wait, i'm supream evil AND mostly god. hah! I have a chance! uhh, well, now that i'm evil and such, i guess i'll give up fighting for the mods, and go crazy and spam some random forum (not on behalf of StarTopia) or go sit and watch TV.... TV IT IS!

<sits down and watchs tv for 48 cycles non stop >

oh, and they don't want to give html cause it can be used wrong, they said someone could make the old "thousands of pop up windows" thing. and with ghyron and i here.....

12th Aug 2002, 13:25
Yes, but atleast two other forums have been granted html use. Nothing that extreme has happened at either of them. I'm pretty certain that the 10th post here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2615) would probably be the most obscene use of html so far. Now as shocking as what you will see there is, I doubt that we would face similar problems like that. I'm certain that if that same culprit tried to pull the same tricks here he would get sorted out pretty darn quick...

12th Aug 2002, 15:12
Don't you understand? If we don't either get new mods or a return of the old mods, then we will never get anything. Ever.

PS: If you remember, I was the one who campaigned for the return of the mods, and finally got Creamy_Goodness to come back for (a very short) thread closing and forum moderation session.

12th Aug 2002, 15:29
the old mods? you mean Muckyfoot at the old forum? them? well, we just need them a little, to get us html and a custom name, we really don't have too many flame wars and stuff... i guess i see your point, or you getting into my mind, either way i guess we need mods that are more active, buti don't think you should email redlegg about it yet. nothing terrible has happened yet. the TR thing was our own fault.

12th Aug 2002, 17:31
Well, we need Mucky Foot to become a mod, and we need AlphaOmega and Creamy_Goodness to return.

Erm, why was Mucky Foot never made a mod, even when Alpha and Creamy said they would make sure Mucky Foot became a mod... Do they not like competition?

12th Aug 2002, 17:39
Oh hush all you, im always here, just when things got out of hand and everythingt urned into amud slinging did I close it, and you have to live with Alpha on vacation, and with the frequency of MF visits...well you know. I will talk to RedLegg and GreyMouser about the custom title, Now what do you want it to be tho??

12th Aug 2002, 17:58
Erm, what it has always been.

Sector ZetaPlural mkII

Any word on the enabling of HTML coding?

13th Aug 2002, 05:07
I thought we were a waystation?

Which forum should should we whack the name onto? General Discussion, Community Chat, or do we want it on the Startopia forum group name?

Yes, what about html? We've been hanging out for it quite a while...

13th Aug 2002, 19:29
waystation zetaplural, sectorzetaplural... hmm doesn't matter, each could be one, chat and disscusion, hope this isn't spam, but this messege is now the 1000th in the chat room.
<gets out party hats and such and hands them out >