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11th Aug 2002, 10:21
I return from holiday. :D

Was good, cept the sunburn and massive drive.

I'm gonna be lazy and ask "what did I miss" then come back and read. :) Cos I have lots of other stuff to do.

I'll be back later to hopefully read up on everything!

11th Aug 2002, 23:55
good to have you back boyo.

Pinky the Cow
12th Aug 2002, 12:11
I've revised my sig-pic. Now 'StarTopia' looks golden.

12th Aug 2002, 12:15
i was just noticing how nice it looked in another post. very nice.
<turns on clapping machine > huuray

12th Aug 2002, 13:59
Originally posted by DMA57361
I return from holiday. :DWelcome back!

Psssst! Sephiroth110, when did he leave?

12th Aug 2002, 15:18
pssst i think he posted a thred a week or two ago abut him leaving

well, anyhow, it's good to have him back, we are a bit short on dedicated members

12th Aug 2002, 15:20
Originally posted by DMA57361
what did I miss?

Quite a lot, unfortuatly. We had a major WAR with the Tomb Raider forums. The mods stopped coming (I got them to come back to help us in the War). Dracoraptor's second RPG in this forum blew up in his face and caused a whole hullabaloo. Some random turtles attacked one of our forum-members... but I wouldn't know anything about that. :D

12th Aug 2002, 18:24
War? With the Tomb Raiders?

Pffff. I leave u lot alone for a while and look what happens . . . .

13th Aug 2002, 00:34
I was going to throw a wild topless beach party, but I didn't think the mods would support it. Plus I really like my account, don't want a ban right now...

13th Aug 2002, 00:40
I didn't know beaches had tops...

13th Aug 2002, 04:05
Pfff.. you knew what I meant. The nerve of some people...

<Leaves the room muttering to himself.>

13th Aug 2002, 05:19
We also gained, and then promptly lost Allan_R... I still have 15 kegs of booze and a dozen virgin maidens kept in cold storage waiting to be given out as prizes for whoever returns Allan...

Hey... SkrasherSmasher, do you happen to have a beach ready? It would be an utter shame if *someone* was to find Allan_R and ensure he could never return... :D

And that "major" war was nothing but a big mess... Mostly a case of people misunderstanding each other's jokes and then making it personal... They didn't take too lightly to me referring to them as "not to bright" in one of our threads... Never mind the fact that it was joke, they thought that we ALL thought they were ignorant...

Oh and ofcourse the html debate has started up again, hopefully we can get somewhere with it this time... I WANT HTML!!!

13th Aug 2002, 17:33

You admit it! You started it! Attack! Charge! Punisher the Flamer!

*ahem* Yeah. Point made. I think. :rolleyes:

13th Aug 2002, 21:48
Any point is better made by involving an angry mob.

And if I were to keep Allan_R away, permanatly, could I use your virgins in my party? We could have a rocking time with them. Wait,

<Re-reads post.>

You have the maidens in cold storage. Uh oh, cold virgins.....