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10th Aug 2002, 23:00
What station have you got?
This is my question.
Name, segments what you've..

10th Aug 2002, 23:06
THE biggest space station. I control all segments, this station has buided after the great galatic war! It's in the center of the galaxy.

My second space station is rename of Alphax III, finded very very after other Alphax, Betax, Deltax, Gammax and Tetax.

Heyhey, this is MY rename of Tau Ceti Alpha 2, because I have not all station...

Very dangerous, I have only 12 (4X3) segments in this station. Why? Because it's the best war sstation, Kasvagorian Squatting Space Station, abandonned by gors because it's too much squatters.

10th Aug 2002, 23:22
Space-Station Wetion-Setion

A fine resort station I built upon tourism. It only only has one Bio-Deck enviorment, cold and moist. So you could call it a winter resort or ski lodge (Did you know that skiing was going to be implanted into the game?). About half of it is taken over. The Tech-Deck consists of the basic needs, two or three Solar Collectors, a few factories and recyclers, and two Star-Docks, and don't forget the Cargo-Holds. The Rec-Deck is well decorated with Bio-Deck trees and it has a basic layout throughout the station. Something like this...

L=Corridor Lamp


B________ B
B________ B

L ________L


L ________B

The buildings are placed in between the "Streets" or on the edges. I usually plave a Lavotron and Din-O-Mat on the edges every other segment, along with Love-Nests. And thanks to my modding skills, very busy bars are place in the middle. And I will be releasing a mod that balances some of the games buildings very soon. I need a few beta-testers though.

Space Station Zed XIV

I save this game actually as Cathedral, because of the large amount of pilgrims and Zedem Monks I have. It is actually the Zedem Conclave level, but I edited especially for the Relegious purpose of spreading the belief of Zedem everywhere. Only a quarter of the station is taken up, and a lot of profit is made from the one and only Temple. Ascension Ceremonies are very common, every twelve minutes if the Pilgrims are on time. I also only have one Love-Nest, and it is very small.

Space Station Oceania

This was a very old station that got deleted a very long time ago. The Bio-Deck was just water. It got a lot of money from it too. The Bio-Deck and Tech-Deck took up all the segments, but the Rec-Deck only had half. I had at least ten Star-Docks, and two million E. The Rec-Deck was constructed like this...






The rest of it looked very similar to Space-Station Wetion-Setion, besides the way the "Streets" were made.