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10th Aug 2002, 20:18
Okay, what do I need to expect here? I imagined sneaking through a few halls to read a book or two. But this? I am totally confused. 5 Acolytes? Wha? Am I fighting them or what? I haven't even crossed the bridge yet, I'm just sitting here like an idiot staring for 2 minutes trying to think of what I might be up against, but I'm clueless. What am I supposed to do???

10th Aug 2002, 20:36
Well, you're supposed to sneak around and read some books and solve the talisman puzzle to get out.

That aside, I suppose you will be scared... alot. Hehe. :)

I recommend to play it in the dark (making out the Acolytes is easier then), to lock your room so that nobody can approach you from behind and give you a real heartattack, and with headphones.

10th Aug 2002, 21:16
This is a great mission, Danventry, & has some unique features. Just start playing & all will be revealed. :)

10th Aug 2002, 21:45
FM to play that's for sure :D However, I also found it quite useful to make a little sketch for myself as to what symbols mean what the books revealed and associate them for later use :) Takes a little more time and effort..but is worth it in the long run I think to aid you :) Just an idea you might want to make use of. Ta and Good Hunting!

10th Aug 2002, 22:48
Excellent advice, Huntress! I can see it now:

Danventry: Hey, I've spent two days playing the mission, and I can't figure out what all those symbols mean. Just tell me which Talisman goes in each slot.

Huntress: Sorry Danventry, I've thrown away my notes, you'll have to read all those books again, write it down this time, and figure it out.

BTW, Danventry, there is another trick to that puzzle involving sequencing of the information. You'll have to deal with that issue even after you take notes. All I can say now is pay attention and observe carefully.

11th Aug 2002, 02:07
head for sure LOL :D Well I tried to help a little with that suggie and worked fine for me...couldn't have managed it quite as well otherwise ;) Yea, its gonna be a real challenge for him to work this one out...and hope he makes it from here? Ta and Good Hunting! Just be real careful of the shadows...dadeedumdum :D

11th Aug 2002, 02:49
Okay. As long as it's not like "Snatch and Grab" Or "Dyer's Eve" was were there were 50 billion zombies to scare you.
Still confused here! I've read the book (which told me a lot), and gone down a hall, up the stairs and I'm staring into a library looking room (a glyph room I assume). Well, I'm seeing these ghost-like Keepers run down the hall where the stairs were and then one running to the stairs. Are these the Acolytes? OR Keepers helping me? or what? And tell me, do I ever need to be afraid of them actually attacking me? When???

11th Aug 2002, 03:55
They are keepers I think. Hostile ones. They are invisible most of the time but materialize occasionally with they are alerted. They run very fast - you can hear them. The idea is to keep away from them. I think it is possible to BJ them, but it isn't easy to sneak up on something you can't see.

11th Aug 2002, 04:09
Okay, well that stinks. I've only seen them twice and he ran like a bat out of hades. I dunno if I bj'd one or not coz he was running by and I wondered what would happen if I hit him with my bj and he was gone, so I dunno if he ran off and I didn't get him or I got him. So I guess I have to spend a LOT of time sneaking around and listening. Shoot. This is gonna be hard, but that's the fun of it.

11th Aug 2002, 14:17
I doubt that you BJed him, unless you got very lucky. These Keepers are pretty much BJ resistant. It was designed that way. It's a terrific mission and it gives you an idea of what you look like to the guards! :)

11th Aug 2002, 16:42
I just loaded Equilibrium back up. The last time I played it I BJ'ed none of them and played in Ghost mode. Now that Nightwalker mentions it, and I think more clearly, I am sure I did not BJ all of them -- I may have experimented and BJ'ed one or two, but I am not even positive about that. I will edit the above thread to remove that statement. When they are on the run, it is difficult if not impossible to BJ them. There are times, if you sneak careflully enough, that you can get right next to one, who isn't moving. That is your opportunity, if there is one, but there are few such opportunities. The best advice is to turn your audio up so you can hear them moving and to find routes that keep you in the shadows as much as possible.

Their visibility depends on their state of alertness. Normally they are invisible. When they are alerted and hunt for you they are semi-visible. When they fight you they are more visible.

11th Aug 2002, 18:00
I've just wandered around a bit for now. I've seen one walk around (he did become slightly visible while he walked). I saw another one, but he found me and I see what they look like now (crud they are archers and swordsmen combined). I've found a room (I'm assuming the Water Glyph room or something, what is the proper word to call them?) but I didn't take a glyph because I had no clue on which to take or what each did, so I went back. Can anyone give me a hint on where to go specifically? I've seen bookshelves of books I can't read and water and stones and lights. That's another question. A lot of lights (electric) are off. Is that for a reason? Because I can't seen why I would want to turn them off, but also why I would turn them on. Right now, I'm in the Water Glyph room or whatever with 4 blue talismans staring at me saying, "Haha stupid". :rolleyes: Where now?

11th Aug 2002, 18:30
There is a section of books for each element. In that section, you'll find two books. One shows all the symbols and what they mean, the second one shows you a progression of elements, e.g. water to clouds, clouds to rain. You need to make a note of these, because you can't take them with you and it's important information to have. It allows you to figure out which talisman of the 4 you need to pick up for each element.

If you turn the lights on, the Keepers become more visible, but so do you. I prefer to play it with the lights off. If you watch carefully, you'll be able to see the Keepers on their patrol routes as they pass through patches of light. Then you can figure out where they're going and the places where they stand still where you can kill them or snatch their medallions, depending on what difficulty level you are playing on. :)

11th Aug 2002, 19:38
Okay, I looked at the bookshelves in the room near the Water Glyph Room, and I know the orders and the symbol names, but I still don't know what to do or which one to take. I'm missing some book or something that's really important. I peeked in the Acolyte rooms (scared me to death that one heard me and ran downstairs to look, but didn't find me). I found 5 flares, 2 water arrows and 2 notes (only 1 I really understand). What am I missing and where do I need to go to not miss it anymore?

11th Aug 2002, 19:55
This is a puzzle. We have given you ample clues on how to solve it. It can be solved without the clues we gave - they become evident as you read the books. So, I suggest that you take a little time, say a day or two, to try to play it and solve the puzzles on your own. There is little satisfaction for you or for us if we give you the details. Not that we can remember them.:)

11th Aug 2002, 20:07
Okay, sorry. I just don't like puzzles where you have to dodge evil invisible people while finding secret rooms and books near them. ;) Sorry for being a spoiled sport at this. Give me Freedom or give me Death!
:cool: I've gotten into the mood now! I've found the Earth Glyph Room and the Earth Book Room. I snuck in there and discovered one of the little inviso-freak and was able to shoot him with 3 broadheads and kill him without anyone else hearing! I hid the body and read the second book, then booked it back to the water to hide in the dark corner in there (where, if a creep found me, I could dive to the Water Glyph Room safely). So now I have Water and Earth notes, but no clue which glyph to take or what exit or where to other two are, but I'll have fun (I think) finding them... I just have to avoid only 4 clear-green jerks now. (And I am having WAY too much fun with this :D ) Thanks fir the help (and the help you aren't giving ;) )

11th Aug 2002, 23:06
Okay, I'd love to figure this out on my own, but I dunno what to do with the talismans or which ones to take. Would it be safe to assume that I must take the talisman of the type I see in the Keeper Place? I've seen a spark, a river, some gas (I guess, what is that blue stuff around the lights?), and some earth (passages). OR am I not on the right track?

11th Aug 2002, 23:29
Nope, not exactly. You need to find the room with the 4 Talisman holders. Mark down the symbol that is above each one.

Now you need to find the book for each element that tells what each symbol stands for and translate it. For Water, it could be rain, cloud, etc. Then you find the other book I told you about that has the progression of the elements. It might say clouds to rain, for example. If the symbol that was OVER the water talisman holder in the Talisman room was clouds then the one you need to pick up is the one for rain. Does that make sense?

That's why you need to find both books in each section of the library, so you can perform these steps. :)

11th Aug 2002, 23:45
Nightwalker has very kindly given you the solution to the puzzle. Just follow her instructions.

IMO, you really should spend a little more time trying to think things though. That's what Thief is all about, and that way you should get more satisfaction from playing it.

12th Aug 2002, 01:04
I just remember being totally stumped by this puzzle myself when I was betatesting this mission, Peter. My husband and I finally figured it out, but I don't think I could have myself. Some of us just aren't good at this sort of thing. :)

12th Aug 2002, 01:58
Yes, Nightwalker, I agree completely, but the issue is not whether help is needed. It is a question of putting in some time on your own before asking for help. Judging from the posts in this thread (and others) I sense that Danventry loses patience after about 5-10 minutes.:)

Danventry, I don't mean to disrespect you. It was just a suggestion to help you get more out of the game.:)

12th Aug 2002, 16:35
After reading the first sentence in Nightwalker's first post, I realized I missed a room (which is why I don't know what to do). I skipped the rest of the post because I would like to figure out the rest of the puzzle, I was just missing a room I didn't think I was missing. And yes, I do lose patience after 5-10 minutes if there in nothing immediately new. Sorry and thanks again everyone.

13th Aug 2002, 04:09
I'm not very good at puzzels either but in this particular game you do get good clues as to how it works. I suggested you take paper and pen/pencil and makes notes/diagrams so you could put the pieces together. Nightwalker has also basically the same thing in addition to explaining more about how to do it. If you can't take the time to try and help yourself to learn how to do things...then why take other peoples time and effort to try and help you when needed. Peter is right Danventry...you constantly ask for the way to do things very often instead of working them out for yourself. I realize your a younger person and have somewhat of a more difficult time playing these games...but on the other hand if they are too tough for you...then why play them if your not really going to play them? There are some of these FM's that are even too tough for me to get through and I have been forced at times to say "enough is enough" :D and go on to another one that is more game friendly to me...There's nothing that says you "have" to play it if it's more than you can really handle with the skills and ability to figure out most of it yourself. Sure we all or most of us need some helpers along the way but not excessively so much that we're being told each and every move as you almost do with just about every game you play. I'm sorry if you have diffuculty in understanding how to play these games...but they are meant for thinking your way through them not to be lead by the nose..so play the ones that you can more easily figure out...how will you know that? Well I guess reading the readme would be a start on what the game is basically about and reading some other archieves on the game to see what people had to say about the way it played. Then if it seems like something you could do without too much difficulty, give it a try. But if it seems like it becoming more that what you thought it would take to play it....set it aside/delete if you wish and try something else...one thing for sure is there are no shortages of FM's to play and have some fun with. You say because it's difficult you have fun playing it..but Danventy...your not the one playing it. Your helpers are :( I apologize for this lengthy post but I really think you need to consider what people are trying to tell you and how your not really playing the game yourself. So give this some serious thought about your gameplaying methods and try to apply it in the future please. We are willing to help when needed but not to take you step by step either. OK? I still wish you Good Hunting! :)

13th Aug 2002, 17:08
I do agree that I run out of patience and don't take an amount of time I should. I'm working on it though. Well, I realized that I had missed a room I didn't think I missed (the exit room), so that's why I wanted to know where the exit was, but after looking again, I found it and figured out the puzzle myself (I knew it wasn't matching, hence the note in the Acolyte's room, and I figured it was the next item in order). I'm sorry with my patience problems and I'm trying to work on it and I don't mean to make it annoying, but I really do need help sometimes. Please bear with me for a while.

13th Aug 2002, 18:37
Just try a little harder to work things out for yourself, but when you're really and truly stuck, then come ask us. We'll help! :)