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10th Aug 2002, 18:01
Im right in saying that the AI bots in Timesplitters can roll sidewards, but the player cant?

18th Aug 2002, 02:01
As far as I know yes that is correct, and yes it seems unfair. Good thing the bots suck lol.

18th Aug 2002, 22:36
I know that they arent trying to copy it but i wish Timesplitters was more like Perfect Dark, the multiplayer bots were cooler, with personalities and stuff.

9th Sep 2002, 13:47
I think Robofish has more attitude than anyone in Perfect Dark can ever have

22nd Sep 2002, 20:10
It's dumb that the bots can roll but humans can. They better make the bots harder in TS2, even on the hardest mode, I can kick their ***** pretty easily.

22nd Sep 2002, 22:36
I agree, the bots in TS1 are very stupid, often they just stare at you like a deer and headlights. If the AI in TS2 is improved, I'll be happy to have deathmatches against bots when my friends aren't around

daniel legge
12th Oct 2002, 08:18
The fact you cant roll is made worse by the fact that the square and circle buttons dont do anything.

They might have chosen to leave it out because i read an interview with one of the producers and he said something along the lines of "the reason we havent put jumping in is because then if you are about to shoot somebody and they jump out of the way it can get frustrating and then it turns the single player game like half life where you are jumpin aroung looking for things. This would make it a lot more complicated so we chose not to put it in."

this may be the reason for the lack of rolling in the game.
Also he said "it wud only take about 10 mins to put it in."

23rd Oct 2002, 21:47
more then likely

25th Feb 2003, 18:55
Originally posted by Splitter2
I think Robofish has more attitude than anyone in Perfect Dark can ever have

:cool: right on man.