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10th Aug 2002, 17:01
(edit) - sorry, the contest is over now, someone reloaded the page 1000 times just to be the 100,000th visitor, and he wins as that wasn't technically against the rules. C'est la vie :)

The Keep is nearing the 100,000 hits mark! So I'm having a little contest to see who is nearest or exactly the 100,000th visitor, and the winner gets a free FMCD on me! See the Keep for details :)

10th Aug 2002, 18:21
Haha.:) Well, today I am going to do some RL things, so I might miss the big event. This reminds me of the time I was looking at this guy's car, and I noticed that it had 99997.x miles on it. It was an older car with a limited odometer such that after 99999.9 it would go to all zeros. So we grabbed a couple of beers and drove around until it hit 00000.0 and drank the beers. That was in my youth. I don't do such irresponsible things anymore.;)


I have a question about the prize, indeed the handling of the CD's in general. I got the CD's as a 3-CD set shortly after Calendra's Legacy was released. Can I get a single CD to supplement the set I already have, or have you reorganized the content of the first three? This is a problem of configuration management that you may not have considered. :)

10th Aug 2002, 20:23
Komag you're a little late. A lot of us have passed the 100,000 hit mark a long time ago. Oh, wait a minute. You're talking about a web site.:D Sorry my bad.:o


10th Aug 2002, 20:26
Haha again.:) I was looking at the counter several times this morning, and I saw it inching up past 99100. At the rate of progress I observed, I thought that it would not get close to 100000 until late this evening or tomorrow. Then, an hour elapsed, I checked again, and it was at 100016! :eek: Over 800 hits in less than an hour, about 20 times the previous rate I had observed. So, I ask myself, how can that happen? Is someone hitting the refresh button manually 700-800 times? No, I say, it can't be that. Someone must have written a script to do it, say, 700 times and then finished up manually.

I nominate Rommel as the script writer. Am I correct?;)

10th Aug 2002, 20:27
Ooooohhh I just hit 100,017 so I guess we have a winner. :cool:

10th Aug 2002, 21:19
Yeah, some guy rehit around 1000 times, so he's technically the winner (sent me a screen of perfect 100,000 and all), but another fellow sent in a more "legitimate" screen of 100,007, so I'm also giving him a prize as well.

About the FMCD's and the updating and reorganization, yeah I have actually considered that problem you mention Peter. I'm not sure how to handle it perfectly, because I vastly prefer to categorize the CD's and not to have them by release. If they are by release, then the most recent disc would have to be a hodgepodge of Dromed 1,2, Demos, Skins, Thief 1/G/2, Movies, etc. I realize that would be better for folks like you to easily update or supplement the discs you already got, so I'm going to try to arrange it so that's at least somewhat possible, and I think it is sortof already that way. The main new missions lately are all for Thief 2 and disc 4 is for Thief 2 missions of this year 2002, so you might get another that disc after a while. But you miss any new Thief 1/G FMs which are still going on disc 1 (it's a tight squeeze at this point) lately.

10th Aug 2002, 22:14

Ever do any configuration management? This is called an evolving baseline. It requires that you keep track of all changes, additions, and subtrations to a list. Simply maintaining a set of lists, one list for each time the list was changed, is sufficient to recreate the incremental changes, simply by comparing lists. It requires a little rudimentary software to do that.

Another approach, if you have or can generate the information, is to keep track of the date each file was added to the CD list (not the same as the file creation date).

With either of these approaches, if someone were to send you the date of their CD set (or if you had it on file), then it would be a fairly straightforward matter to burn a custom CD with only the additions on it that occurred on after the specified date. The procedure could be automated with a little effort. Not sure it is worthwhile for you, considering your voluntary status.:) . The main question is how much effort is required to recreate the information, if it is even possible.

11th Aug 2002, 03:01
Hmm, I don't know how I could set that up to work easily, but I have another idea. Since I have quite a lot of free HD space, I could just set up a perpetual updates folder on one of my later drive partitions, in which I'd just dump a copy of every new thing I add to any of the FMCDs each month. Then I could offer and "update" CD extending back yay far, depending on the files sizes and how much I can cram on a single disc etc. I would still keep the highly organized set of CDs for "first timers"...

...hmm, okay, I'll try to set this up and get it retroactive for a few months or so for folks in your situation, Peter, and then keep it going indefinitely into the future. The only problem with the "update" CDs is that they will be a mix-bag of Thief stuff, not just missions, but I suppose that's okay and it will work out pretty well probably :)

11th Aug 2002, 03:50
That sounds like it will work fine so long as you put stuff in the same general folders, e.g., "T2 missions 2002" or whatever. We can manually transfer files out of the update folders to where they belong.

11th Aug 2002, 18:59
WOW! :o Someone wanted those disks, eh? :p I saw the contest on your page yesterday, and figured I'd check back tomorrow. :p

LOL, Congrats, KoMaG!! 100,000...that's a LOT of hits!! :)

[EDITED for accuracy...:p]

12th Aug 2002, 00:49
Yes, 1,000,000 is a lot. Komag has only 100,000. That is a lot, too.;) Congratulations, Komag.:)

12th Aug 2002, 03:17
OOOPS...hehehe, LOL, Peter - thanks for pointing that out. :p I'll now edit my post. LOL. :p