View Full Version : okay having a few problems here

10th Aug 2002, 11:53
i downloaded the patch from this site and another, but nether of them work!!!
i tried unvipping them to the current written file, and i also tried another but nether work!!!
and i can't call the tech support be cause they don't open till monday and it's saturday!!

10th Aug 2002, 15:04
What do you mean by "they don't work". Do you get any kind of error? And, btw, are you referring to hitman 1a patch?

10th Aug 2002, 17:05
like i tell it to unzip to c:\windows\TEMP and after it does it says 3(files) unzipped successfully
but when i get into the game it doean't work, the scroll button doesen't work
i have already succesfully had this patch but i had to reinstall the game and the patch didib't work any more, so i went back to the same site as i got the first one (this site) and redownloaded it :confused:

10th Aug 2002, 17:22
Well, you have to run the extracted exe file. I suggest you extract 3 files to your Hitman directory. Then, locate HitmanSp1a.exe file and run it. It should patch up the game.

12th Aug 2002, 15:44
i did what you said, i found it in the hitman directory and i click on it, and it says that it cannot find winzip.32.exe and i look on the whole computer and i can't find it!!:confused:

12th Aug 2002, 17:27
This is somewhat unexpected. Apparently, you don't have WinZip installed. I think patch programme needs it to run.
Download WinZip here:


Install it and try again.

12th Aug 2002, 19:49
thats okay i figured it out, the world can rest now...