View Full Version : Mod new for Deus Ex for those who don't go

9th Aug 2002, 22:53
to the other forum for this stuff :) Just found it when visiting Deus Ex Machinea. Mod was actually released earlier but this is an updated version in case you don't know about it? Here is the link you can check it out.


It's either in a patch form or the whole thing. I have to get it from my other puter where Deus Ex is installed. I believe the download is 29mgs with 85mgs installed when done. I sure hope it's easier to install than previous requirements...I do have one of the loaders but haven't really tried it out yet. A little confusing so I've held off so far...but I do want to play them darnit! I do have a couple more sitting in there waiting.

I hope you don't move this Peter/admins as some ppl just catch news about Deus Ex stuff over here :) Ta and Good Hunting!