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9th Aug 2002, 14:55
Some fun:
(This is a rip-off of the many such threads on many boards; I've seen such threads on the Star Wars boards between Menace and Clones. I don't know if it's been done here, so I thought: why not try?)

As of now, we know little of SR3. So, post your theories and predictions here: when it comes out, we'll see who was right and who was wrong. The predictions may concern whatever you want: gameplay (whatever you mean by this), story (e.g. Raziel will finally die), or completely random bits (e.g. Kain will say Vae Victus again). (And yes, the pretty colours are just for show.) And they may be just as outlandish as you may wish them to be - or as moderate. And yes, you may post as many as you like. And yes, you may repeat what's already been written by someone else.

Only one rule: This is not the place for discussion. Just for posting predictions.

I'll start:

A what I consider to be a moderate theory: Raziel's health coil will be very small (short?) at the beginning, ostensibly because of the last cutscene of SR2.

One I would like to see happen: Kain would return to the old habit of using Latin.

And an outlandish one: Nosgoth's whole history is a loop. The Ancients are Turelim, and the Hylden they fight are actually the Hylden returning from their banishment in the demon dimension. Which makes Janos and Vorador Turelim by descent, and Kain the first vampire ever.

9th Aug 2002, 18:25
Let's see.....hmmm:

1. (I have to agree with you) small health coil at the beginning.
2. Janos will be back.
3. (maybe it's because I haven't eaten yet, but...) Turel will be found at the pillars.
4. We'll have to see Mobeus again. :eek:
5. And ... uh... more time jumping :confused: ...

9th Aug 2002, 20:12
little one Someone will fly (doh!)

game play There will be extra magic (like glyphs)

big one Janos is Hash


9th Aug 2002, 21:50
Beyond Kain's use of Latin, the apparently ubiquitous use of pidgen Cyrillic throughout Meridian means that Kain will, upon returning to the city, discover that the Hylden were also building ICMB's and left the city in the control of a Politburo; and upon killing this commie body and feeding upon them, he will discover that they'd had so much vodka that Kain will spend the next third of the game reeling around drunk and killing his enemies by singin "I'm a Little Teapot" so loud and off-key that theire eardrums shatter. The rest of mankind will be accounted for by Kain's hungover desire to kill all the witnesses.

Tidus of Zanarkand
10th Aug 2002, 04:47
THis is not what i really believe, but it is possible

Raziel wakes up where he did in soul reaver 1. At the bottom of the abyss. He finds Turel on his way back to the time streaming chamber.

He proceeds to travel Forward or backwars through time.

this would only be the beginning of the game.

Possible plot elements.

Raziel returns to when ariel was to be murdered. Prevents it then things go fromt there

Kain is killed and Raziel absorbs his soul. But, Kain's soul over runs raziels and they become a super vampire soul eater with Kain in control. A bit like Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus in the new transformers series

Raziel and Kain fight as a team. You can play a co-op mode with a friend. WHen you aren't in co-op mode you quest around and can be one or the other

10th Aug 2002, 06:36
*this may be due to the fact I need sleep, but...*

Raziel, during some point in the game, goes back to when Moby was a little kid - yes, I believe that ugly EXTREMELY old fart was once a little boy - and you see him getting a whoopin' by (insert parent / guardian) *you know which 'guardian I'm referring to, right? good*. Either this or something else embarrassing and humiliating that made Mo turn so .... twisted in da head. :D

Okay, thanks for puttin' up with me thus far! :rolleyes:

.......okay, I'll leave now....


BTW: great guesses Tidus of Zanarkand - that'd be fun - and darien_specter - *falls out of chair laughing*

12th Aug 2002, 22:48
I know this is not supposed to be a discussion, but...Tidus - I like the co-op option.

As far as what I would like to see and therefore predict:

gameplay: (1) the return of the SR1 glyphs
(2) more emphasis on puzzles
(3) puzzles with less obvious hints

story: (1) the return of human worshipers
(2) Raziel kills Turel
(3) Kain dies

whatever: (1) co-op mode
(2) no bosses!
(3) secret "Pinocchio" level: Raziel turns into a "real boy", aka Vamp Raz, if you find all the secrets or complete the game in two hours or something like that

15th Aug 2002, 19:24
:D at some of the ideas

I just thought up some more (it took a couple of days, didn't it?):

At the very beginning, Raz will be so weak that he'll only be able to be in the non-Spectral for a really short time, providing the basis for many assuredly exciting time-based puzzles (I hate the last pass of the Fire Forge), and the reason for his separation from Kain. He'll get out of that room and the Keep the very same way he gets out at SR2's beginning, using that balcony (yes, I know that there are solid doors on the way there, but it's an earlier time, so perhaps it isn't there yet). Because it's winter, those beautiful waterfalls will be frozen, or something, and we'll get to climb them. Then, it'll be North-East to Hell, or East to Willendorf.

He won't touch the Blood Reaver ever again. Alternatively, he'll somehow snatch the Blood Reaver and Moebius's staff from some earlier age. (Not likely.)

There will be a lot of really obvious puzzles with a really great lot of really unnecessary hints (I hope not).

Moebius will be one of the initial nine guardians, those who raised the Pillars.

The moment in which Vorador kills six guardians and Moebius and Malek are making Raziel take up the Reaver will be the moment Mortanius gets possessed.

16th Aug 2002, 15:51
The Elder will be destroyed.

16th Aug 2002, 22:26
Raziel will gain a selection of new Reaver Enhancements, including Ice.
The Reaver Enhancements will each have thier own attributes - each will have three special powers, one which activates a certain type of item, one which is imbued in the projectile, and one which Raziel can activate at will but slowly fills up the Reaver Meter, and eventually starts draining his health.
Light Reaver will activate magical lights, the projectiles will activate the crystals, and Raziel will be able to use it to generate a shield around himself to protect from the Undead.
Dark Reaver will activate shadow bridges and blind sentries aas before, and Raziel will be able to hide in shadows with the Reaver.
Storm Reaver will activate airstreams and shatter walls as before, and Raziel will be able to use it to allow him to jump further.
Fire Reaver will activate devices that produce bursts of heat, the projectiles will ignite things, and Raziel will be able to infuse his attacks with Hellfire and thus vastly enhance the damage.
Ice reaver will activate devices that freeze water, projectiles will extinguish fires, and Raziel will be able to imbue his attacks with ice that chills his opponents to the bone and restricts their movement.

Story: The Legacy of Kain will not end here. It will end in Blood Omen 3, with Kain. Who will be given a choice akin to that which he had in the original Blood Omen: Save the world or destroy it.
Raziel will NOT die at the end of SR3, because he will be the final boss of Blood Omen 3.
Raziel will change history so he can kill Moebius. I doubt this will actually happen, but I want Moebius's head on a spike.

Random stuff:
The endline, before "to be continued" will be: "Time is but a loop... But it can be cut."
Raziel will visit Dark Eden.
The truth behind the Eternal Prison shall be discovered.

22nd Aug 2002, 02:04
Heres an idea...how about in the next game, you be able to play one of two characters Kain and Raziel???

Also I'd like to see Boss Characters inserted into Soul Reaver 3..after all it was kinda disappointing not having to scuffle with any cool looking bosses

we'll probably see some of the demon world in SR3 too. Which wouldnt be all that bad. In fact it would be kinda interesting

maybe the player will be allowed to fight in that crazy looking war between the winged creatures and the demons

23rd Aug 2002, 13:45
Mobieus will be defeated and wiped out, punished. In fact that could be a half decent premise for an entire game. But at the very least Mobieus would be disposed of, and a great, glorious battle with Kain, and other elements, with much agonizing by the highly intelligent Raziel over whether it was right or wrong.

Raziel would find himself (are you reading Binky?) "inter canum et lupum"

So then what?

25th Aug 2002, 12:30
Sounds like in canine of lupine. So does that mean in the teeth of a wolf?

25th Aug 2002, 16:34
(I don't really know Latin, and I have never heard this particular expression, Nyriel; but shouldn't this be "inter canem et lupum", considering that "canis" is 3rd declension? Inquiring, though a bit lacking in practice, minds want to know.)

Vampmaster: close: "between the dog and the wolf"...

My (admittedly crude) sense of humour kicking in... Isn't Raziel already halfway there?

Since the Sarafan are dogs:
"Call your dogs! They can feast on your corpses!"

And the vampires have, at least at times, a wolf form:
"My lupine form enables me to (whatever, I forgot)"


Apocrypha Roxy
26th Aug 2002, 01:07
Janos is restored. (knowing Raz, duh...) :rolleyes:

Raziel travels back to the apocalyptic war between the Ancients and the Hylden, possibly altering the outcome (for the better, I hope!) Maybe preventing the bloodcurse from ever occuring?

Raziel, through the story, assumes his role as Reaver guardian: he is restored to his former appearance (vamp Raz) but retains his 'blueberry Janos' coloring. He is essentially ressurected as an Ancient, and carries on the bloodline once again. The murals throughout SR2 showing the bearer of the Reaver look suspiciously like a preconceived notion of what the savior of Nosgoth would look like (maybe Raz in a past life? He's got so many, you never know! :D)

Raziel joins Kain and goes to the final battle between BO2 Kain and the SL - saves Janos from a nasty fate. Poor blueberry...

Introduction of new sub-characters, aiding you on your quest.(Kinda like Umah and Vorador hinting Kain in BO2. We all know how that ended up, though...)

Revamped melee system: a wider variety of weapons, fighting stances, finishing moves, etc.

New n' Spiffy Reaver Enhancements (such as the afore-mentioned). Everyone likes new toys! :D

Moebius gets what's comin' to him: An eternity or so in the Eternal Prison should suffice nicely - stripped {Moe and strip in the same sentence? ewwie!} of his power and staff, of course. That'll teach him to fling me into the deamon-laden future! Old bag! :mad: :D