View Full Version : private Gorechild reporting for duty SIR

9th Aug 2002, 14:50
hia pepole now im ofically a private.
kinda strange but the army is just so differently from what most pepole think.
sure you gotta get up early but it aint really that big a deal.
so hows it goin?

Lady Kreliana
9th Aug 2002, 16:48
At least it's not as bad as you thought. Good luck!

9th Aug 2002, 16:59

prepare for the drills and of course the stormcourse!

this will change your mind

anyway. good luck! keep us updated

9th Aug 2002, 17:00
:DVery glad to hear that you're doing well!!:D

9th Aug 2002, 18:33
actually az ve have been trough tons of drills allready and noene fo them were all that bad, thougth my back hurts like hell rigth now.
our kompani leader hawe years of experience and even been a seargent in his majestis garde(and miracoulsy even has a good sence of humor).
most of the officers are desent pepole hwo means that shouting and angry behaviour dont lead to anything good.
ve even get to go off duty hours before anyone else, like today one hour after ve were done the others were still drilling.
man im glad im in kompany5 :D

9th Aug 2002, 19:13
Its good to know you're alive :p
And i see that you were lucky with the "Kompany", i hope i get lucky too...
And like the other Az said.. "...good luck! keep us updated"


10th Aug 2002, 14:54
today have been a realy good day. weve been on a tour throug the base and had wepons training. other than that weve done nothing.
hell what else is there, its saturday.
gonna wach lord of the rings on big schreen today.