View Full Version : Coincidence? hmmm.....

John Carter
9th Aug 2002, 11:33
Miss Lara 2 U has kindly posted several new TR AOD in-game screen shots on her site.

One in particular would seem to directly connect to our own forum member Mulder:

Mulder banner (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/images/angelofdarkness_screen7/screen1.jpg)


9th Aug 2002, 11:41
Coincidence? Neva! :D

9th Aug 2002, 20:23
You see? They do listen, it seems.

Or maybe Mulder has something on them.

9th Aug 2002, 22:39
Sweeeet! :D (hmmm....I just happen to have that on my wall......coincidence?)

I do have something on 'em Deek......

50 bucks and you too can have something on 'em......:D

10th Aug 2002, 00:29
It's always 50 bucks! Why is it always 50 bucks?
Is that the only amount extraterrestrials understand? $50?
Can't it be $49? or $51.50?
Does it have something to do with singularities or parsecs?

10th Aug 2002, 02:14
It has to be 50.00 as that is what the toll is to go thru a wormhole these days.........:D

11th Aug 2002, 12:42
Yes, but what about making a profit? If you charged him $99.95, then you would make a killing AND be able to afford lunch too!