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9th Aug 2002, 09:40
I think I realise why the pillars were constructed and of the origins of the Vamps etc.

after playing SR2 and BO2 over a few times and taking in the info and placing everything on the time line.

I beleave in the begining the were a winged race (human) who fought against the hylden... the hylden turned the winged race into Vamps (i think janos says this in BO2) to be able to destroy them (water, sun light) but didn't realise this also gave them imortality and powers.

The winged vamps then constructed the pillars in order to banish the Hylden (as show in the murals Raziels sees in SR2). they then made the reaver using their Vamp blood.

Now when the pillars are destroyed the Hylden are able to return, Raziel restors Janos... hence the event of BO2 take place.

Kain: my gad, the Hylden... Raziel Janos must stay dead.

Meaning Rasiel restores janos and allows the Hylden to power a machine... if he didn't restore janos either the Hylden wouldn't have returned or the events of BO2 were different.

9th Aug 2002, 21:32
I'm afraid you're a bit out of order... check the murals in the Piilars shrine (beneath the Pillars): the Reaver came first, as their vampiric weapon against the Hylden; then they banshied them by raising the Pillars; and I guess on the way out, they cursed the ancients with the same powers as they gave to their ultimate weapon, the Reaver. Sort of an ironic "justice" for their banishment.