View Full Version : Make A HD Collection of FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST on PS3

30th Nov 2012, 00:06
Have you wonder that Fullmetal Alchemist Game that came out on PS2 should be remaster? It would be great that Square-Enix Remaster Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel , Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir, and a english premire of the third and final game on PS2 : Kami ni Ronie Erlon Kulas (The Girl who Succeeds God) only on this collection. Bonus Features : selected Music from all 3 Games, production skeches & Bonus Episodes of the orginal series from Aniplex & Funimation. What is your thought on this ? Should Square Enix Remaster this?

17th Dec 2012, 01:36
yep , they should make Fullmetal Alchemist HD Collection at least ,,,

it's one of my favorite games in ps2 , I really want Square Enix Remaster Fullmetal Alchemist .

20th Dec 2012, 11:25
rather see the PSP and Wii FMA games get released in NA

22nd Feb 2013, 16:47
rather see the PSP and Wii FMA games get released in NA

The PSP FMA games are done by Namco Bandai. I do agree bringing the wii versions in english, But Putting these games on the Wii U since the Wii is at it's end .