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9th Aug 2002, 01:20
I get the master key, get a bellboy uniform, get allowed into the room, kill the guard inside, kill the guard outside, drag the outside guard into the room, kill Wulff, grab the bomb and leave the room unseen.....how do I secure the bomb? where is the rondezvous point?:confused:

9th Aug 2002, 05:16
Welcome, Bonelayer!

Take the bomb case from the room. The bomb isn't in it - you'll need to find it somewhere else.

If you go to the third floor, on the opposite side from Wullf's room, you'll find the dentist's office. Ask the receptionist where he is. He'll be in one of three places - the restaurant, the sauna, or the casino. He has the key to his X-ray room on him. The bomb is in there. Each of his three possible locations allow you to kill him quiety with no one seeing - in the casino and the restaurant he goes into the bathroom, and in the sauna he's all alone.

If you find the outdoor walkway between the two wings of the hotel, on the third floor, you can get into the back part of the dentist's office (and then into the X-ray room) without having to get past the bodyguard. Make sure you have the bomb case first, as it will allow you to carry the bomb through the metal detectors. The rendezvous point is either out front, or out back (through the restaurant, then into the kitchen, then out the back door).

Hope that helps. Write back if you need more explicit instructions or further clarification.

10th Aug 2002, 12:41
Ahh c'mon. Couldn't you have just pointed him to the, somewhat obtuse, clues on the dresser instead of telling him everything? :p